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SIM Card for Shared MIFI Device in France and Italy (with calling, text, and data)

Hi, I am traveling to France and Italy for 2 weeks in August- and haven't travelled there in the "Internet (or cell phone) age," so I am struggling my way through figuring out how to best (and most economically) ensure phone and data connectivity. I will be with my wife and two teenage daughters, and would like for all of us to have "access" while there. A friend provided me with a Huawei mobile wifi device, and I am trying to figure out what I will need to use it. We will start in France, so if buying in country, it would be there. So, here are my questions: (1) Can a single SIM card used in the device provide inbound/outbound phone calling (for at least one of our 4 phones) and shared text/data across all phones? In particular, I am vague on if/how inbound/outbound calling would work with a shared MIFI. (2) Who are the "safe / established" providers of these cards? The Orange Holiday card sounds like a good option, but I am not clear if that will work as I've described (load SIM into MIFI, then share calling, text, and data across phones), and that it will be good in both France and Italy. Can anyone confirm? If not, other options? (3) Is there an Orange store (or other store) in CDG airport that can sell me the card and also set it up for me? I'd like peace of mind that it's set up properly. (4) If the answer to my #1 above is no, then what other options might work best? Any and all guidance on this general topic would be extremely welcome!!!

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