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Is there an Ebook of Best of Europe by Rick Steves?

I have my soft cover Best of Europe but I hate to lug it with me. I have too many pages highlighted for the four countries we will be hitting. Is there an eformat? How have you overcome this obstacle? Thought about ripping out sections I won't be using and rebinding. Hint for publishers...find a way so we can remove sections of the bound book. Helpful hints appreciated.

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Have you looked at his e book Europe Through The Back Door? Not sure where you are going but he has many of the same chapters in that book as seen in his other books. You can sample it on ITunes to see if it works for you, or rent it from your library. I am a good customer of Rick's as I have his e book for every country I visit and I also have the paperback versions before I went mostly electronic. I personally love having his country specific books on my iPhone when I am out and about. I typically spend at least a week in each country I visit so I prefer having the full book compared to just a chapter or two. I agree, lugging books with you takes up valuable space.