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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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T-Mobile on Laptop, Tablets, etc. - T-Mobile Digits
Paul 5
5 Week Europe Trip - Satisfying teens texting/group texting needs
Kerry 26
EU Law Cancels Roaming Fees Across Europe
oh-I-wish 3
Is a voltage convertor necessary for charging my portable charger while in Europe?
dpalmier53 7
City Maps 2 Go Pro is free!
Nicole P 9
Using Rick's guidebooks on an iPad
rwolfson 3
Is there an Ebook of Best of Europe by Rick Steves?
rawsonbudd 3
Is there an Ebook of Best of Europe by Rick Steves?
rawsonbudd 3
Have wifi while traveling?
Nance 18
Travelpod blog goes bye bye
Nicole P 23
tMobile in Europe. Glitches?
HappyTrvler 6
11 interesting travel startups to watch in 2017
Lane 1
Take a "Powerboard" for charging your tech...
Gary 7 is a great OFFLINE map program for iPhones and Android
Tom 18
camera lens for iPhone 6s
Horsewoofie 4
Photo Printer?
Dav 5
Rick's Audio Tours as MP3s?
claremc12 5
Verizon Travel Pass welcome message
stoutfella 19
Pending Camera Ban...Plan B?
John 23
Using a 5 digit pin in Spain for credit and debit cards
Leslie 10
Laptop - tablet ban?
dwest 11
ubs chargers
Horsewoofie 19
Digital Postcards?
John 2
Trip management apps
teleute 8
Rick's self guided tours
kris.albright62 3
Phone Lasso
Pilgrim 4
Will TMobile LG B450 flip phone work well in France and Italy?
Valerie 9
Travel management app
bucephale 12
Rental car device chargers?
JoAnne 6
Camera on RS Tour
dclawyer 17
Intra-EU roaming charges for voice, text and data abolished from June 15th
Andre L. 9
Power chargers for iphones in Spain and France
bmkmatz 5
Adapter for Spain
Sempre Italia 🇮🇹 4
Skyroam and WiFi access
jdmahood 3
Converter or adapter?
cindy 2
Calling/Texting Cell Phone to Cell Phone Within Europe
Bob 4
SIM vard vs mobile wifi, or both?
rizell 3
Phone & Data Tips
Ira Serkes 10
Bought prepaid SIM card but lost capability when crossed border
skytribe 4
Photographers / Computer Users - How do you plan to handle the camera/computer ban?
Ira Serkes 34
Debit Card won't work in DK
aawortham 12
Credit card info
Kateja 12
The price reasonable and easy accessible hosting
luiseapple123 3
Portable charger
christina.e 9
Which tablet
Charles 21
Best App for Off-Line Walking GPS - Style Directons
Bob 24
Replace my Nikon d90 with Sony rx100 ?
bucephale 13
Verizon international plan
Lulu 9
Will Orange SIM work in Switzerland?
Brenda 1
Getting a SIM card ASAP
Stephen 6