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adapter with multiple usb ports

My family will be traveling in E Europe later this year. We will have a number of ipads and iphones between us. I was thinking about purchasing one of those "everywhere in the world" adapters with multiple USB ports built in. If you have done this, is there a product you would recommend? Or features to look for? Thanks!

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My only caution would be to make sure one of these chargers has enough juice to charge all your devices at once. I have heard anecdotes about some not able to do that. Try it out before you leave home.

Of course, you can always buy a US plug adapter with multiple USB ports and also a Europe plug adapter for it - so you can try it at home first then use the plug adapter in Europe. If it charges OK at home, it should charge OK in Europe.

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I have used this multiport charger from Anker.

Works well. Provides enough juice to charge multiple iPads and or iPhones at once. It requires an adapter plug to fit European outlets. The only issue is that it plugs directly into the outlet (no cord) and sometimes hotel room outlets are in inconvenient locations. I bring along a US extension cord.

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I just use a USA extension cord, add the European plug adaptor. Most extension cords allow three devices at one time. And has the big plus with the length of the cord letting you use your devices easier when plugin receptacles are located in awkward places in many hotel rooms.

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I have the same one that Alan linked. It worked great in Italy, Australia and New Zealand!

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We got a wonderful set by Syncwire from Amazon--the Syncwire Travel Wall Charger USB Plug. Has 4 usb ports and adapters for various countries. We never leave home without it. I also like the idea of traveling with an extension cord. Outlets are never in convenient places!

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I just have an American 4 port charger and a European plug adapter. Then I can use it at home as well. Also I think this is lighter than the multi-units and my travel is usually all within one plug zone. So I am unlikely to need an Australian adapter on the same trip as a European one for example.

I have this one and then a few cheap $2 adapters. Wait, mine is similar but not identical to this. Mine has the plug fold out the back instead of a long cord. Cord takes up room, but occasionally the outlet is in a bad place and a cord would be better.

THIS is mine

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I use a multi-outlet with a short cord designed for travel so I only need one outlet & one adapter to plug in 4 different devices. If you google amazon you’ll see them.

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Another vote for the Syncwire. I've used it all over Europe with no problems. Two ports for Ipads and two for iphones.

I also like that it has wall adapters that fit perfectly for this charger. I had another just like it but had to use externall wall adapters. The weight of the charger meant it slowly slipped out of the adapter if the wall receptacle raised the charger off the ground.

However, due to the poor placement of plugs in older hotels, I now use this:

Upwade Power Strip

Two regular plugs, four USB ports (2 for ipad, 2 for phones), dual voltage.

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If you use a US extension cord, you can use some electrical tape to keep your adapter plug from getting lost or left in an outlet.

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you can use some electrical tape to keep your adapter plug from getting lost

I've found that the shape of the adapter plug usually makes that difficult to do. I actually got a USB power supply with a two-pin Europlug on Amazon. It was cheap.

In 15 years, over 160 nights in about 50 places, I have to say I have never found receptacles to be in awkward places. Now, most of these places have been in Germany; I don't know if that makes a difference.

On my last trip, in October, I stayed in 5 different places. All but one of them had a small desk in the room where I could set up my laptop (ASUS transformer pad) with at least one, maybe two receptacles right there.

By the way, in the US, codes prohibit one from having more than 12' of wall space without a receptacle. That doesn't appear to be the case in Germany.

The only place that didn't have a desk was the apartment we stayed in for nine nights. It had a nice kitchen table to work at, but it was in the middle of the room and the receptacle was on the wall a ways away. I guess I could have moved the table to be able to work with the laptop plugged in, but I just used it without it being plugged in and plugged it in on the living room media counter between uses.

I've never taken or needed an extension cord in Germany.