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Packing Electronics

I'd like to know how many of you pack your electronics. Not your computers, tablets, e-readers and the like but the accessories: cables, chargers, adapters, back up batteries, headphones/earbuds, etc. Include what you bring.

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Lots of rubber bands to hold coiled cables together. And a ziploc bag to toss all the coiled cables in. I bring a 4-port USB charger (search for them on Amazon), and a separate set of plug adapters (usually just two) for whatever country. That way, I can charge my phone, tablet, and e-reader all at the same time, using only one power plug. I only bring one cable for each device, and one set of earbuds. I don't travel with a computer, and after my last trip, I don't think I'll travel with a tablet or e-reader anymore either - my (iPhone 8 Plus) phone can do everything. I also bring an Amazon Fire Stick, which is great if you're staying somewhere with Wifi and a TV, and want to watch something at night.

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My husbands "MAN" purse carries electronics and accessories. In Oct 2017, 2 smartphones with great cameras (I carry my own), 1 IPAD, 3 different charging cables, LG and other android use different cables than Apple, two correct plugs for EU, one multiple USB charger, collapsible earphones with noise isolation and cable, 2 basic earbuds, 2 back-up batteries (never used), a splitter. In the spring we travelled with our small apple laptop. I prefer the larger screen. The fall trip with cell and data with TMobile semi sold me on travel without the laptop. The electronic necessaries definitely was less without the laptop. Does my hot air brush count? Prior to leaving I did not turn it to the correct power and nothing was making it happen, it was excess weight. One electric shaver.

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I have a pouch that fits the accessories.

  • a 5 port USB charger
  • the appropriate USB cords to plug into the above charger (the apple cords for iPhone and iPad, and the standard kind for my kindle and backup charger)
  • two backup USB plugs in case the 5 port doesn't work
  • multiple plug adapters for the countries I'm visiting
  • camera charger which is its own small unit a bit smaller than a pack of playing cards.
  • special cord to move photos from my camera to iPad.
  • small luggage scale if dealing with tight weight limits

Then I keep my earbuds in a small pocket in my purse - they are useful for audio guides while out visiting sights

I don't usually bring a laptop. Thats the biggest charger cord and it wouldn't fit in the pouch, it would just be loose in my bag. It's huge and wouldn't get lost! All other cords for iPad, iPhone, kindle, etc are USB based and fairly small.

Electronics themselves - iPhone, iPad, portable charger, sometimes a kindle, DSLR camera.

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I have a small Grid-It organizer that fits inside my personal item. Grid-it is a board with elastic straps woven on the front and you slip your chargers, cables, ear-buds, etc under the bands. If you put them in the same pattern every time, then you can see at a glance when one is missing, which helps to avoid forgetting them somewhere. The list of items on mine when traveling to Europe is: 2-port USB charger, plug adapter, lightning cable (for iPad), USB-C cable (for phone), mini-USB cable (for Kindle), 1 pair earbuds.

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I have a small packing cube/square I use for the charger cords and plug adapters. It is brightly colored and I don't let myself put it in a suitcase or bag until all cords are in there. I also pin my car keys into the little mesh pocket. I use the aqua for the charger cords and the green for meds.

I travel with an iPhone 7 and an iPad Mini. I keep my earbuds in my purse in a small bag while I'm in transit.

I thought I read something on either this forum or Trip Advisor prior to my September travel that said someone coming back to the US thru Heathrow had had to have all the charger cords and electronics in a bin at security. I packed a gallon ziplock and loaded the charger cube, phone, iPad and earbuds into it before I left my hotel to catch the Hoppa when I traveled home last Wednesday. I just dumped them in a bin that way and the security guy just nodded at me but wasn't making anyone do this.

I also had a battery pack that came with a purse from TJMaxx. I charged it for the required time but didn't try it out ahead of time. It wound up not working so I carted it around for a month and have it staged to go in the battery recycle bin next time I go to the Recycle center.

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We don't travel abroad with phones or laptops (yet) so our electronic accessories are pretty light.

Chargers for 2 cameras
1 backup battery for each of those 2 cameras
A couple of extra memory cards for each camera
Charger cord for ipad
Charger cord for itouch
4 or so adaptor plugs

Within the US. we'll pack chargers for 2 phones.

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2 plug adapters (one for me, one for anyone else) small charger; cable for the iPhone; cable for the e-reader; backup battery charger; maybe a couple of AA batteries for the camera; extra SD card; all in a small packing cube, or an old toiletry bag. I don't travel with a computer anymore.

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Cords for the Kindle, the 8" Samsung tablet, and the GSM phone if I'm bringing it. One or two plug adapter(s) for the relevant country(ies). The charger for the camera battery. Noise-cancelling earbuds and their AAA battery.

Also the charging cord for my "cordless" shaver if I'll be gone more than about 3 weeks. Does that count as "electronics"?

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I have a little case for all that stuff, "hard" shell (really, a kind of rigid foam) with mesh dividers inside. Simple and perfect for my humble needs, and there are bigger versions available too.

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Frank II,

I use an Eagle Creek cube similar to this to store essential electronic accessories - . The cube I have is lightly padded, but I'm not sure if that option is still offered.

This always goes in my carry on and if I'm using THIS bag for carry on, the electronics pouch fits perfectly in one of the end pockets. The contents are normally.....

  • Apple Earbuds
  • iPhone Charger & USB Cord
  • Canon P&S Charger
  • Panasonic P&S Charger & USB Cord
  • spare Panasonic Battery
  • a couple of spare SD cards
  • Backup Battery Pack for USB devices (older model, provides about 1.5 charges for an iPhone).
  • for Europe trips, one each Euro & UK Plug Adaptor

The contents are sometimes adjusted a bit for a specific trip, but the EC cube has worked well for me so far I'll continue using it.

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I put charging cords, a 5 socket power port, and 2 USB adaptors into a clear ziplock bag. I carry the 5000 mAh compact & cylindrical battery in purse; it's under 9 oz.

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I discovered that this sight has a new electronics bag in 2 sizes. Just a small lightweight bag with a few pouches inside meant for storing misc. electronic cords etc. I bought one of each size for our trip next year. Not sure if they'll be useful or not. I'll let you know next year:)

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In addition to the device cords/chargers, I always take a 6 foot regular USA extension cord. With one plug-in adaptor I can charge three items at a time AND it usually remedies inconvenient or few outlet locations. All are packed in an Eagle Creek Specter quarter cube.

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I have a slightly different travel electronics list, so I'll wade in:

  • iPhone (currently 6+). This is my one device for everything - communications, photography, computing, GPS
  • mini keyboard (TextBlade 1.5 oz)
  • Bose noise-cancelling earbuds (never knew how much I would love these till I tried them). Not the big over the ear kind, just earbuds
  • portable charger ("lipstick" sized)
  • 1 cord per item above. Most of the cords are very short, 6" or so, so don't take much space or weight
  • 4-port USB charger with various removable/replaceable adapters - UK, EU, North America. Snap one off, the other on
  • 1 iPhone charging brick (smallest) for charging when out and about, e.g., on a train. All the rental cars on my last trip had USB charging in the car dash or console, didn't need the brick
  • miniature gorilla tripod so I can stand up the phone and use as a mini-monitor while typing. Also useful as a tripod, natch, though it's really small. The legs wrap around posts and fences.

Everything except the phone fits into a Eagle Creek Specter Quarter-Cube which weighs nothing and fits anywhere. I keep the phone in my purse, connected by carabiner to a retractable cord in its case. I just pull it out and extend the cord to take photos or use the phone. Stays connected to a loop in my purse at all times. My friends may have gotten tired of the ratcheting noise as the cord was pulled out and retracted, but I thought it was nifty.

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I use the Eagle Creek Specter X-small Cube for my electronics. It contains:

  • spare power pack
  • SanDisk iXpand Drive
  • Apple Fire USB cord
  • short micro USB cord
  • Fitbit USB cord
  • Dual port USB plug (3.1 A total)
  • adapter plug
  • USB rechargable headlamp (Petzl Zipka)
  • door alarm shrieker
  • Conair mini you 2-in-1 hair styling tool
  • WizGear magnetic vent mount (for when I am driving and want to use my phone as a GPS)

I usually keep my headphones and iPhone on me in a in a different pocket. I also have a mini headphone jack splitter and a female-to-male splitter. I store these in my comfort kit for use during flights. The female to male splitter works in the older planes with the two port headphone system.

I noticed that several people are saying that they bring one cord per item. Please, you don't need to do that!!!! There are 3 types of cords more or less. There are Fire cords (Apple), micro USB, and mini USB. Almost all electronics now use either Fire or Micro USB cords. They are interchangeable for your devices. You can use one Fire cord for all your Apple devices. You can use one Micro USB for your other devices. The cords have been standardized since 2007.

Most of my devices charge within 1-2 hours so I see no need to charge all at once.

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@ Nelly - you have a Textblade? How do you like it? I've been watching them for years, but didn't know they were shipping.

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I don't travel with a laptop, so my gizmo bag is small. An IPad charger and cord wrapped flat around it (like a pancake) fits easily in a Tom Bihn square pouch (knitting size 4?).

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Nelly - that's interesting that you say the Bose in-ear headphone are good, too. I've never really thought about Bose headphones because I know I don't want to carry the big ones around. But if the in-ear ones are also good, you've given me something to think about! Thanks for mentioning it.

as for packing my accessories: i'm a bit obsessed with cute ditty bags (like ones I've sewn up myself because the fabric print is amusing or charming to me, or ones my friends have given me). And I chose my personal phone in part based on the fact that I can't stand a bunch of different cords (i.e. same cord as my work phone, so no need for two different chargers -- I also charge alternately, as someone mentioned):

For two different type trips, I would pack:
1) Weekend trip e.g. to London:
-- ditty bag with charger with interchangeable Euro and UK plugs. With me in my personal item so I can charge on the Eurostar.
-- also in there, a USB cable by itself in case the most convenient charger is a USB plug.
-- replacement battery, charger, and plug adapter for my camera

2) Longer trip (e.g. going home to the States):
-- same as above but with US plug adapters obviously
-- Charger for my MacBookAir. This normally won't fit in my little ditty bag so I have to figure out somewhere else for it.

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I bring the following electronics: Iphone, Nook and camera.

Using a small packing cube that I bought as a 3 set from TJMax I pack the following:

The 4 port USB charger (the one you recommended last year).
Currency adaptor.
Iphone cord.
Nook cord.
camera cord.
Ileaf (copy all phone photos from all travel companions)

Boise headset is in my purse did not get the noise cancelling but performs like one and a bit cheaper.

My 4 port is the only charging device for 3 people (they bring their own cord and devices 2 more Iphones, 1 Ipad mini and a camera)

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I have not traveled with a laptop in about a year.

I do carry my phone. My other half carries his phone and an iPad.

I carry my phone's charger in my purse/carryon. He carries his chargers for his phone and the joint iPad in a small packing cube bag.

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This question is for Nelly....
I saw your advice on the electronics, and the Bose noise-cancelling ear buds. My question is do they work on the plane. We use the much larger ones and they take up so much room. We are traveling on an Air France flight in May. I thought I remembered last time my ear buds did not fit on the plane, so we went back to using the large ones. Thanks in advance for the help.

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My friend let me borrow her Bose QC20 headphones, because I wasn't convinced they'd be comfortable. But they are! The around-ear silicone grips are flexible. I got my own pair, and they work well for overseas and domestic flights. The small case is so much easier to pack. This let me downsize my personal item. I take them out for takeoff/landing.

PS. Still hoping to hear about Nelly's TextBlade. :-)

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Sorry, I haven’t dropped by this forum in a while. I really like the Bose noise-cancelling earbuds. I would not carry the big over the ear ones around. I have been able to sleep with them in, both in the plane and in a hotel n a very noisy street in Rome and the noise cancellation made all the difference. I use them at work too and it blocks out quite a bit of noise around me. Highly recommended. Yes the noise cancellation works very well on a plane. Really cuts the constant droning.

Ahh, the TextBlade. I'm madly in love with it. No, they aren’t shipping for general release yet, but it’s getting closer. I bought mine in October 2015 and just got a beta version for testing a few months ago. It weighs 1.5 ounces, folds up to about a third the size of my phone, and really is better than any full sized keyboard I’ve ever used. And a zillion times better than typing with one finger on glass. I use it full time at work now and just love traveling with it. You need one. Yes you do. I’m buying a six pack of them to share with my family. I hope they release by Christmas, but they are really amazing. Worth the wait.

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“Yes the noise cancellation G’Night💕 works very well on a plane. Really cuts the constant droning.”

Are you referring to the ear buds or something else? I love the Bose noise canceling ear buds on a plane, but never thought to use them at night.

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The Bose noise cancelling earbuds look great, but at a price of C$330, they're a bit expensive for someone on a pension.

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oh wow, that is expensive. Too expensive even for someone still working, in a job like mine!! oh well. (bose earbuds)

Now that TextBlade looks fantastic!!

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Yes the noise cancelling earbuds work well at night when needed. I was able to get comfortable enough so I could sleep with them in when it was very noisy outside my hotel room or in the plane. No music, just the noise cancelling turned on. Sorry about the g'night typo.

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Nelly - OMG TextBlade! I hate the chiclet keys on iPad Mini covers, can single-finger fast on the Mini but don’t enjoy it, and had just resigned myself to carrying my full-sized Apple Bluetooth keyboard for this next big trip. I journal every day on a trip and can’t wait to try this out. Yes, I ordered. Immediately after watching all the little videos.

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I hope you get your TextBlade soon. It’s hard to say when they will get to general release but it’s gotta be getting closer. It really is amazing to type on and so portable. I still love it.

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Nelly, my order confirmation says “summer”. Next big trip is in October, so am hoping it arrives in time for me to get familiar with it before leaving.

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My elctronc gadgets are:

Iphone 6S, fitbit, battery backup. Chargers and cords for all.

When i bring a point and shoot camera, charger cord for that too.

While here in Italy my $1 RS converters failed, so for about $10 i bought a 2-USB port EU charger.

So, for future trips I will bring less bulk as I will only need my new USB ported charger and related cords. I already like this better than the alternative.

I keep everything in a light-weight zippered travel bag and carry the battery and phone cord with me during the day.

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What I do with this device is to kill a lot of birds with one stone. No need to bring endless adapters, etc. Here it is, made by Bestek
Bestek Universal Travel Adaptor

It has a 4 port USB charger, and 3 AC adapter ports, it only weighs 1.2 lbs and you can charge 7 devices at once! I never travel anywhere in Europe without one!

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it only weighs 1.2 lbs

That’s really heavy! My electronics cube with all the electronics comes in at 1.46 lb. That’s for everything.

Updated to correct weight. It turns out I weighed my pack without the power pack. The power pack is heavy duty as I go off grid for days at a time. The weight of the electronics bag without the power pack is 14.6 oz.

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Plain and simple - a zipper pouch with all the accessories. I bring a usb multi-port charger, cords (for iPhone/ipad, portable chargers, kindle, and camera-to-iPad cord), camera charger (its own brick), and several plug adapters.

The pouch is for stuff that will stay in the hotel room - chargers, cords, adapters. Anything I will want with me while out touring stays in whatever bag I will bring with me.

The portable chargers with mini cords to plug into our phones are in my/my husband’s day pack fully charged so we can use them when they are needed. If they were in the pouch we’d forget them and they’d be pointless.

I also keep my headphones in my daypack/purse. They come in handy when touring more than you’d think for audio guides, tours, and down time.

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We've been there done that...
found this pouch and it Works very well. Surprising how small you can pack a lot of electronic components.
Also LOVE this travel power strip...

These two products have worked for us on many trips. Not endorsing them but them give us less problems when moving a lot from place to place.
In fact all my kids got the power strip for christmas and they loved it.

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I use plastic bags which is for storing food at home, with a zip in one side. They work well in case it rains.