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RS universal European adapter

I bought RS universal European adapter about 1 mo ago and had been only using to charge my Fitbit in the USB port and had been working fine, but today the USB port light is not on and my Fitbit did not charge. Am I doing something wrong? It worked fine until today. Thanks for your help!

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Probably not. Sadly, the quality of many of RS products isn't very good. Try a different plug, unplug the cord from the Fitbit and charger and replug them in again.

If it still doesn't work, contact RS and they will either give you your money back or send you a new one. Ask for your money back and buy one of these:

Syncwire Travel Charger with Adapters

I have used this charger all over Europe with great success. It's popular with others on this board. It's also cheaper than the one port RS plug.

If you need a regular plug plus usb ports consider this one:

Worldwide Travel Adapter

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Ditto the Syncwire. I never leave home without it. Hint--they make great gifts.

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Especially for folks traveling solo, I suggest paying attention to the weight of those objects. The RS model is only 2 oz. The suggested alternatives are much heavier. It might well be worth it for people traveling in pairs or larger groups, since some hotel rooms seem to have only one accessible outlet. As for me, I'd rather manage my recharging schedule than carry around the 6+ oz. 4-port adaptor I purchased from Amazon--no matter how well it may work. It's crazy heavy.

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Does the wall socket you had it plugged into have power?