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Earphones part 2

Now a lot of us are hooked on rechargeable ear buds. If you are, as I am, make sure to take a wired pair as well to use on those audio guides in museums or churches.

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I bought a pair of bluetooth earphones. They are okay for sound. I had to look hard to find an affordable pair which was not too heavy. Some are very bulky in the ear or have a battery hanging from one side. Wired is much simpler, have no sound cut-outs and never need charging. The latter issue is a real hassle. I have so many devices that need charging as it is.

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I am using Jaybird X2 earbuds wherever I go. If we are talking about earbuds suggestions and other audio related stuff, I suggest you also take a look on this website called Headphones Unboxed. They have guides about this too.