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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Sim Card Question
Boba 5
SIM card for England and Ireland
Sarah 8
Any thoughts on TEP Wireless or wifi
pg.madhu 3
New Phone suggestions
Frank II 19
Sim Card
laroo51 12
SIM for Germany-Austria-Switzerland road trip
marisainoc 3
Packing Electronics
Frank II 38
Blog question once again HELP!
Bets 14
disposable European phones
CStanley 5
Help! Need private app for sharing vacation.
Libby 9
VPN for iPhone
dpalmier53 17
Using an iPhone GPS app offline
victor.gorodi... 12
Rick's Internet Gadget
RailRider 9
storing spreadsheet (Excel) and Word (text) files on an iPhone
Packy 23
Taking an IPad and or Smart Phone for extended trip to Europe
aarthurperry 24
Traveling w/ 2 I-phones: any extra charges?
meemskirk 14
Iphone for camera/clock
swetrich 23
Map App for Walking while Off line
Bob 11
Voltage converter vs. adapter
perdydawg 6
Does anybody know how to change the resolution of a jpeg?
Judy 36
Another question about phones and SIM cards
SandraL 17
Basic questions about SIMs
Eric 19
Plug adaptors and Extension Cords
John 13
Will I need a converter for this?
colmcb 11
Roaming in the EU--any extra charges for non-EU citizens?
T. 5
swetrich 12
Sim Card for Scandinavia Trip
hlindsey6 1
Sim card for Amsterdam
jas_golf 3
Best Cell Phone Carrier - Traveling in Spain, Malta, Sicily, Italy and France
DavidC 4
smartphone rental for European trip? Want to have it set up & ready to go before the...
mblant01 8
Newbie tech questions
erectoch3 9
mobile passport control app
tabletop4 9
SIM advice required for a novice mobile phone user
cgichard 8
Unable to get cell carrier to unlock phone for travel in France and Spain, what are my...
theresabrinkh... 10
Camera vs. iPhone
natalierensink 22
A tip on taking photos on a group tour without interfering with the group's dynamics
Grace 11
Holiday Photography Conundrum
steves_8 24
Need advice on how to communicate with another car while traveling in UK
tgreen 9
Dutch Vodafone SIM card for use in Europe
Andrew H. 8
Earphones part 2
Philip 2
SIM cards reasonably priced at CDG?
Packy 3
Plug adaptor with USB port for charging - can I trust it?
Lola 20
iPhone texting via WiFi domestic USA
Tom_MN 10
Pixel 2 phones with eSIM and nanoSIM slots
Bruce 2
RS universal European adapter
Jill 5
adapter with multiple usb ports
Ruth 14
mobile passport app - wifi only device
Wray 6
When Travel Geeks Get Bored -OR- Fun With Google Sheets!
Mike Beebe 10
Weird result on Google Street View on my iPad.
Lola 8
Noise cancelling headphones?
jvobox 24