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AT&T International Plan for Spain??

I am on a TA cruise which will be visiting numerous ports in Spain. I am doing some lengthy bus tours in those ports so I was thinking that while on the bus I could catch up on FB and surf the net. I signed up for AT&T's International Plan which is $60 for a month that came with 1GB of data and free texts. They did have one plan that was $10 a day but I will be in Spain for 8 days so this one made more sense. But you did get the same amount of data on your existing plan which would be 9GB. My question is since I plan to use data would it be wiser for me to do the $10 a day or the $60 for the month? I have been going over this for a month now and the cruise is next week so I need to make a decision quick. I can change the plan so that is not an issue. I would appreciate any feedback. ☺

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I use about 100MB per day when I travel. So for eight days, the 1GB of data would probably be enough. You can always set a data warning on your phone in case you are about to go over. On the other hand, I think they charge the $10 only on days you actually use the phone (keep it on Airplane Mode but you can turn on WiFi otherwise), so in case you win up not needing it every day, the $10/day plan might be about the same cost without the data limit.

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8 days at $10/Day is $80. So it costs 20 more than the monthly plan.

How much data will you use? If you want freedom to look things up as you go then I’d pay that extra $20.

However, you can do a lot on the limited data $60 plan. Use WiFi whenever possible (cafes and museums often have it). Download maps ahead of time, and limit things like watching videos. If you watch your data usage (in settings) you could keep it low enough. Question is, is doing that worth $20 savings to you? You could use your phone at home as you would in Spain one day and then watch how much data you use over that day to test it out with no rush.

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I love ATT's international $10 a day plan--my last 2 trips that lasted 12-13 days I only ended up using it 7 or 8 days, whereas on the previous plan my average extra cost was in the $120-140 range. The $10 is only charged on the days you use it. I have elderly parents and like that we can talk as long and as often as we need to, plus sometimes you are just not near wi-fi and need your data.

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Thank you all for the replies. I know that I will be using it for those 8 days but really the 8th day I will be going from my hotel in Barcelona to the airport. I would be on the hotels Wi-fi and once I get to the airport I will be on theirs so it's really only 7 days. I am leaning towards the $10 a day as then I won't have to worry about using up the 1GB as then I would have the 9GB. And maybe I won't use it every day so then it would be the same price as the international plan but I would get more data to use. So in order for me not to pay for it I should leave my phone on Airplane Mode and turn on Wi-fi; correct?

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Correct while in Airplane mode the phone does not connect to the cellular network so no charge is made to your account but you can still enjoy Wifi service, where you can find local networks. Good luck and enjoy Spain.