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Sprint cell plan for Spain

Has anyone used their iPhone in Spain recently with Sprint. It’s unclear if you have to purchase a plan for data/text coverage or just enable Sprint Global Roaming (and is this option really free?). Thanks. Any details would be appreciated!

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The Global Roaming feature worked for me in the UK in April, 2019. Total out of pocket costs to me after 14 days abroad were about $5.00 for a few phone calls (that I should have made using WiFi). However, before I left for the trip, my discussions with Sprint customer service were confusing and mutually exclusive. I can only suggest you try to visit a corporate store (not a franchise) and try to get it cleared up to your satisfaction.

If I remember correctly, the extended plan only would have provided faster data speeds that I did not need.

Of course, this is just me, but I managed to survive using WiFi for almost everything. I used the phone’s camera often but, for the most part, I simply ignored the phone’s siren song till I could find WiFi. BTW: cellular coverage in Scotland was incredibly fast and extensive.

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This is helpful, thanks. I guess I’ll just set up the roaming on my phone like they recommend and just hope for the best! We don’t really need the high speed upgrade either. I just remember with AT&T you had to buy a plan so that’s what made me think Sprint’s plan being free was too good to be true.

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I had Sprint last year when I visited Portugal. Yes, data and texting are free and unlimited. Data is throttled to 2G speeds, which can be a little slow. After the first day in Porgual, I activated my Dutch Vodafone SIM and used that for the rest of my trip, because I was a little frustrated with the slow Sprint data..but the Vodafone option cost me only 10 euros for the whole trip, anyway, and I only needed data. I could have lived with the slow 2G data in a pinch. It wasn't unusable, just a little slow.

I didn't make any calls with Sprint, but they would be 25 cents/minute unless you have WiFi calling setup; then calls to/from US numbers are free as long as you know you are using WiFi calling. (It's not just a matter of connecting to WiFI; you need to have a feature called "WiFi Calling" enabled and set up on your phone; not every phone supports it). You can test WiFi Calling at home. If your phone doesn't support it, you can install Google Voice to make free calls to US numbers using WiFi or mobile data.

I had been a Sprint customer only a few months before my trip last year. I didn't have to enable anything to use my phone in Portugal. Data roaming must be enabled, though. If you have an old Sprint plan you are grandfathered into or something perhaps you would have some issue with the global roaming without having them enable it, but I doubt it; your phone will probably just work in Europe when you turn it on.

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I used my Sprint iPhone 6 for three years in Europe (including Spain, Greece, Germany, etc.etc.etc) with only Global Roaming and WiFi. As noted, data was sssllllooowwww....