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Best place to put Iphone while listening to audio tour?

I saw this question but have not seen any responses.

How is the best way to listen to the audio tours without jeopardizing your phone being stolen?
Any experience with inexpensive ear buds that use blue tooth? We have only the large Bose earphones.

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We recently did a few RS audio tours. I tried to place the phone in my cross body day bag and zip it up around the cord. The problem was I was often fishing for it for a brief rewind, or a pause. In the end I mostly carried my phone in my hands and close to my chest. My husband did the same.

Incidentally, he experimented this time using his large noise-cancelling headphones for the tours. He loved it and said it was worth the extra space and weight on the day.

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I bought these Senso Bluetooth earbuds a few years back and find them great for listening to audio tours or music. They are relatively inexpensive and have basic controls on one side. I’ve never felt that my iPhone was a theft target. When listening to an audio tour I feel the best place for my phone is held in a firm grip in my hand so I’m able to view the screen and easily access the audio controls. My grip is to make sure I don’t drop the phone, not to prevent theft.

I have been on numerous trips to various countries in Europe, on tours and independently, and never felt my iPhone was a target or ever met anyone whose phone was stolen.

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Once you get to your destination and start walking around or taking public transport you will see how many locals have their phones out ALL the time. In fact, someone recently said "How do you tell a tourist on the Paris Metro?" - Answer - "They are the only ones who don't have their phones out!" Too True!

I also carry mine. I also have a small cross body wallet that I use in transit for my passport and phone. It's the Eddie Bauer Connect wallet but mine is older and is of softer fabric than the models they are making now. (OT - Why do they mess with a design when it works perfectly?) On occasion I have used this for my phone while out and about but it's a pain to either look at the map or rewind if you miss something. Don't leave it lying on a table in a restaurant but walking with it in your hand will be fine.

BTW, if you are going to museums, look ahead of time for free apps. Some are audio, some are just visual. I recently visited Netherlands and extensively used the Rijks app for the Rijksmuseum as well as the one for Mauritshuis in Den Haag. I'm not crazy about the Louvre app but perhaps they will update it.

I'd worry about noise cancelling earphones on a city street just so you can keep track of what's going on around you.

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Buy (invest in) a refurbished iPod Touch: web, music, camera, WiFi calling; it has everything except a phone and GPS and supports voice and video calls using WiFi which are data-only and free on most US plans.

download the iPod versions of your apps, download the audio clips or podcasts, put the iPod in your chest pocket (or pants) and run the earbud wire up your shirt and out the neck.

Leave your iPhone in whatever secure pocket you feel comfortable with. The statement that you can tell the visitors from the locals by who is or is not carrying their phone is true. When I was in Scotland recently, smart phones are ubiquitous and just as rudely imposing (perhaps even more) as they are in the States. Cellular coverage was like a blanket and extraordinarily fast, far better than our networks in the States.

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It's in my hand the entire time.

I'm usually reading the text, or, fiddling with the pause or, rewind feature.

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I have a wrist strap on my phone's case. A theft and dropping precaution.

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Saw someone with phone in a lanyard-type holder around her neck.

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In Vienna, I have my phone in my hand pretty much all the time - as does everyone else.

If it isn’t in my hand, it’s in my pocket. Been doing this with iPhones for about 10 years with no issue. Phone snatchers aren’t really a thing here.

True also, as someone noted above, that you can tell who the tourists are because they are the only ones not holding a phone!