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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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My experience using T-Mobile when traveling through Europe
Joseph J 18
Keeping US SIM card
epltd 7
Has anyone used Sprint when traveling to Italy?
frankie7777ma 8
Dual voltage phone charger?
Paul 9
french sim card lasting more than 30 days?
Beverly 3
Staying connected in Italy
nereo1 0
As if you are talking to a three year old..
pat 18
Best app for offline maps?
Jeremy 9
Car equipped navigation, iPhone app, GPS or off-line maps?
windstaracres 11
Best sim card for Nexus 5 cell phone.
tyler.morrow 4
Anyone try Google Maps offline in Europe yet?
T. 17
Securing Ipadmini 4
cailinsclause 9
best way for a woman to carry a big iPhone
tamikim87 31
Pocket Wifi Hotspots
April & David 8
Texting Question (Italy)
christie2014 6
tablet for travelling...which one ?
mathemilu 11
Travel Converter... from 1996
baileymiller04 12
Therese 7
best SIM card for phone in Paris for a few days- help please
glennlorrainer 2
Free wifi calling and texting on Iphone 6
Bill 4
Adapters on sale
phred 6
BECU debit card---with a chip
Lola 16
checking river flow
jaskerwin 14
calling 112 from cell phone
Susan 6
5 Best travel apps (open)
zelda6262 1
Agoda : money deducted from CC before check in
kenlee6 7
Email Blocking by Provider
Warren 21
Blogging App
Andrea 7
Cell for teen
Pepita 9
Verizon TravelPass - good news for us when going to Canada
Bruce 9
Simple questions about getting a local SIM for data
Nso 9
Good Site for Booking Budget Lodging
humb4375 6
Search Active Topics by Date?
Pilgrim 4
phone in Turkey/Italy
Barb 4
voltage converter
rookfamily33 14
Photo backup
Mira 7
Back up your photos!
phred 10
texting in Italy with smartphones from US
pjenning 7
European sim cards
mjmaloney 0
App to track travel expenses?
Terri 10
RFID sleeves
flsanford 28
Leave passport at the hotel, or take it with you in Spain?
set123 2
kindle fire
Gail 13
What's your apps and tech gadget?
smarcbie 11
Best Mobile Wifi For Use in Multiple Countries?
James 10
Reloading French Orange sim chip before leaving US
Anne-Frances 6
Time zones in IPhone 6 Calendar
Bill 2
Electronic personal journal
Pat 6
Need Internet, mapping ability only using cell (not wifi) in Europe. Any help for...
Ell 8
ATM Cards Redundant?
Bruce 18