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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Debit Card won't work in DK
aawortham 12
Credit card info
Kateja 12
The price reasonable and easy accessible hosting
luiseapple123 3
Portable charger
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Which tablet
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Best App for Off-Line Walking GPS - Style Directons
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Replace my Nikon d90 with Sony rx100 ?
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Verizon international plan
Lulu 9
Will Orange SIM work in Switzerland?
Brenda 1
Getting a SIM card ASAP
Stephen 6
Time to update cellphone?
horsewoofie 16
Does anyone use an app to find wifi hotspots
Tom 2
Smartphone in Europe
Ann 8
NIkon S9900 vs Nikon B700
Christy 6
How do I sync my mail
jjmiller44 3
Mail forwarding service for extended European trip
Willi 10
tips for using our phone to text in Austria
marklyn 17
TripWolf App vs Citymap2Go
emailtomato 3
Booking tickets while on the road, public wifi
Dianne 8
technology in China
pfitzsimmons33 2
Siena podcast?
nancy 6
teani 5
Has anyone from the US used Project Fi for travel in Europe?
zoomcd 11
iPhone Photo Backup Suggestion
Mark 14
GPS track files for download of Rick's tours/walks......??????
Richard 1
Mobile Passport Control App review
amyk 57
DSLR lenses - which are best?
Dani R. 15
Post was deleted?
teleute 5
We haven't had a best travel camera thread in a while, so...
funpig 3
Hippo Wifi
orangerooster 4
ATM timeout for your card
Lynn 9
iPhone Navigation in Italy/Croatia/Slovenia
pjoasouth 6
Tweaking the Travel Forum
lisa 8
Best SIM and Cell Coverage for Scotland
tjb4dcp 5
Sim-only mobile plan for England and Ireland?
JoAnne 4
Google Translate
horsewoofie 10
need a cell phone for europe
inobk 3
Converting Celsius temperatures back to the Fahrenheit scale
Vic 65
Power outlets at Dublin airport
stoutfella 2
Password locker
John 7
Recommendation for WebMaster
yosemite1 2
Two way radios for communications
wbills 6
help me be a better journal-keeper
avirosemail 28
New Camera Suggestions
IWN 23
Telephones cards in Europe
juancho98massey 7
RS plug adapters
horsewoofie 14
SIM cards in France
steve_a 1
New PC recommendations
Frank II 12
What Travel log/journal app is the best?
Vick Vega 1
OT: Photography--good manners
Ray 18