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Best way to talk to people free

What I do when travelling is use FB messenger Record Audio messages. I ask my FB friends to record their reply. It's rhe next best thing to calling and can be done via WiFi or data.

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I refuse to put Messenger on my phone or iPad, so this definitely wouldn’t be the best way for me!

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I helped my Mom to install WhatsApp on her phone so we can talk or video chat for free over wifi. Before each trip we practice WhatsApp calling to make sure she remembers how it works.

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FB? Don't use it amongst family or friends. WhatsApp has replaced Skype for me. Given that we don't 'talk' daily, there is certainly no need to talk during vacation. My alternative that gets most reaction is my daily photo posts on Instagram. That get's people's interest.

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I too prefer WhatsApp to connect with family and friends as needed. I started using it several years ago and have discovered that it is widely used throughout Europe. It's handy if you need to connect with your accomodations while traveling. For example, I needed to let our apartment manager or B&B host our arrival time.

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Like Kim, I refuse to use FB Messenger. Since my whole extended family is on Apple devices, we use FaceTime for free on WiFi.

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We use Signal for our family. You can post pictures with the text.

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Like Lola, we call and talk in real time via FaceTime - free from one iPhone to another iPhone. You don’t need wifi to FaceTime.

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Or (semi-old-school here) I send emails (using hotel Wi-Fi) at whatever time is convenient to me, the recipients read them at whatever time is convenient to them.

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Thank you, Daniel! I may try your idea.

Most of my friends and family do use FB Messenger to communicate. A few of my friends, especially those in the UK, use WhatsApp. Others use Skype. I have to remember who uses what channel of communication ;-)

When we were in the wilds of Transylvania a few years ago, our son in college called us via FB Messenger. We were both using WiFi, so it was free. It sounded like he was in the next room. Amazing.

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Whatsapp is everybody's choice here in Israel. Most of the places I stayed in Europe in the last couple of years use Whatsapp too. It isn't the next best thing to calling, it IS calling (voice or video), via wifi or data. You can also text and share photos.