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Help from the computer

I am currently on holiday in the UK and there are 20 days before I return home.My computer broke down yesterday and I forgot my new login password. I took it to the nearest computer repair shop. The clerk told me that I needed to show the receipt of the purchase of this computer, or I could prove that it was my personal property.
I want to know is it necessary for me to do this in every maintenance station? Or i could do something else for my Win 10?

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I don't know if it is necessary everywhere. Sounds like a measure to protect them against helping with stolen laptops.

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Thank you.
I understand how they do it, to prevent thieves from stealing computer data,but I'm not British, I happen to be on holiday in England, and...I didn't bring any documents for the purchase of this equipment.

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Maybe you tried this: Have you contacted the help desk for Windows? If you cannot call them, sometimes they have an online chat box.

They may be able to issue you a temporary login and/or password (then you need to set your own of course.) You will probably need to verify some information -- when and where you purchased it and the model ID number if there is one.

There is a regular poster on the forum who is knowledgeable about tech items. I believe his name is Andrew H. from Portland OR? Perhaps he will see this thread and offer some insight. Or maybe you can try PMing him to see if he can offer suggestions.

Oh and Michael from NY just responded. I was just about to suggest his name too. Good luck.

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I'm not British, I happen to be on holiday in England

That doesn't mean that you couldn't have stolen the laptop or be in receipt of a stolen one, thieves don't just operate in their own country!

I'd be very surprised if you'll find a place that will unlock it for you for reasons already stated.

Is it the BIOS password or the Windows password? If it's the Windows password you should see the 'forgotten password' option which will send you a verification e-mail to the address linked to the account holder. I'm assuming that you can access your e-mail via your phone or the computer/tablet that you're using to access this website.

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I used to have this problem. On the last go-round of the Win 10, I disabled password access to my computer. I'm the only one who uses the computer. Why should it have a password?

It's pretty easy to find info on how to do this online.

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It is a Windows login password (Admin password).
I bought this computer two years ago, but the phone number I filled in no longer works for me,and i couldn't even get mail because I couldn't get into the computer.

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@ Paul-of-the-Frozen-North
As for what you said, why set the password?
---Set up a password to avoid unauthorized or unwanted access to your computer and protect personal privacy and important data,
To some extent I think it is necessary to set up a password, but I do things carelessly.

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I have people who can get into just about anything. What country did you buy the computer in, what country do you normally reside in, and when did you last change your password?

Travel Safe,

One Fast Bob

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Well, if you can't find someone while on holiday to help you crack your password, you'll just have to wait until you get home - assuming you can even then.

If not, your best bet may be to have someone copy off all your existing files - documents, pictures, etc., which can probably be done without cracking your password (unless you've encrypted the drive)...and then do a factory reset of the computer and start over. And next time, set up a password recovery option that you can access - a good phone number, a thumb drive, etc. Learn from this experience.

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If you want proof of purchase, can you use your phone to access your online statements for the credit card you used to buy with? Then show the shop the purchase on the statement?


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I am a Chinese, and I bought it from China. at that time, I paid with unionpay card instead of credit card. The only thing I can do now is to wait patiently, so as to minimize the loss.
The last time i changed my password was more than two months ago,MS reminded me to do so.