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Tokyo Ginza Apple Store

If your Apple device needs repair while you are traveling, do not hesitate to visit the local Apple store if you are in a large city (and you have Apple Care to pay for it). My husband’s nearly new iPad quit charging when we were in Tokyo this week. We went to the Ginza Apple store on Wednesday morning and had a memorable experience (understatement).

We were there before opening, and an employee outside got everyone lined up according to their reason for visiting. Those of us needing support or repair were given priority and signed in to our Apple accounts. When the doors opened, the employees inside (around 20 of them, all dressed in red Apple Tees) were lined up to clap (not bow) and give us “high 5’s” as we walked past. We were all, customers and employees alike, laughing and having fun. I wish I could have filmed it.
We took the elevator up to the Genius Bar on the 4th floor and a a young man who spoke perfect English took charge. Music in the background was Patsy Cline. One hour later we walked out with a brand new iPad, all set up with everything transferred over. I would say it was a highlight of our trip, but we had such a good time overall I can only say this was unusual and unexpected.

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Meh; its not unique, the same thing happens on Michigan Avenue at the Apple Flagship store in Chicago; it is the same service everywhere Apple stores are located where the international tourists shops. That is the least they can do when the products are made in sweat shops

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My Spple Dtore operates that way too but how nice to have this service while traveling. Since it was Tokyo, I am not surprised. We loved everything about Japan.

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We have visited our local Apple store (Bellevue Washington ) many times for solving problems and have never had this kind of reception. Maybe it was because we arrived at opening? So they do this kind of ceremony everywhere, every day?

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Sounds very Japanese to me.

FWIW, the service (and the reception) I receive at my local Apple store (at Seattle's U-Village) is nothing like that, which is probably just as well. I'm typically there to resolve some nagging problem I'm having with their gear (and only after investing way too much time trying to address the problem myself based on experience and insights found online)...going in to the store tends to only happen when something has gone seriously wrong, and under the circumstances I would probably not be in the mood for all the glee. As a visitor from far away with a hardware issue (which was fortunately "solved" by swapping machines), Lola was understandably relieved when things were set right, so it sounds like in her case, all the high-fives were well received and appreciated. If the outcome had been different...

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I had an excellent experience at the Apple store in Rome. The staff member who worked with me spoke perfect English and was able to resolve my issue quickly and efficiently.

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they do that when a new product is launched so maybe that was the reason.

There's a new Macbook Pro out which you can spend over £5600+ - no wonder they're clapping!

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The welcome from all the employees does sound specifically Japanese — a Japanese restaurant at the hotel where my husband works does the same, and it's considered very characteristic!

Nice to have a fun experience on something that would normally be a pain (while traveling or not, but especially while traveling since time is at such a premium when traveling).

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So they do this kind of ceremony everywhere, every day?

Nope...hence my comment about experiential travel!!