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Texting between countries in Europe and within a country?

When texting in Europe between countries and within a country is it the same procedure as making a phone call, i.e, use of the long distance code like "00" from outside the country, +33 country code for France , and omit the first "0" in front of the local number? When within the country just use the "0" in front of the local number and not +33?

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Exactly the same for texting as phoning.

+ [country code] [area code without 0 prefix] [number]

"0" is the prefix for a different area, "+" or "00" for a different country.

You use EITHER + [country code] OR 00 [country code], not both + and 00

Within the country you can dial [area code with 0 prefix] [number]
If you just save numbers in your phone in the "+" format, they will work wherever you are.

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Question -- doesn't "within a country" depend on the phone's internal number (SIM), not the physical location of the instrument ? So a French SIM that is carried across the border to Germany would still use the same method to call a German number that it would use in France ?

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Thank you Chris F. for clarifying that for me. I will have a UK number while traveling in Europe in 4 different countries. Not sure about the question Laura has ask.

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As Laura was pointing out, you will have a UK phone number...So within the UK, to text a UK number you would not need to dial a country code, to text to a "French" Number, you would need the country code.

Once you go to France, you still have a "UK" number, so to text or call down the street, you still need to include the country code for France. If others in your party have UK numbers and are in France with you, you do not need to include the country code to text them, it is just a UK number to UK number.

In other words, what is important is the resident country of the phone number you have and the resident country of the number you are calling, not where the phone is physically located.

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What Chris suggests is best. Save all your numbers in the international format including the country code. Then it doesn't matter where you are when you text or call.