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communication tech - translator device & sim cards

I will be traveling to Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt. Of course the guide books will be my companion. :-)

What are my options for sim cards that will work across all those countries? I purchased the 610 while in Israel once - TERRIBLE. Not like "Orange" when I was in France & Portugal.

Short of having a translator shadowing me. What are my options for a device cutting across all the aforementioned languages?


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Language translator: Google Translate works great. Used it in Italy and Japan last year.

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Yup, google translate. You can even take a picture of a sign or menu and it will translate the text (this doesn’t work quite as well as typing the words but is handy!)

Download your languages so they work offline.

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In my experience, Google Translate will work to some extent, but it's not perfect. It will not provide completely accurate translation in all situations. It may not be quite as good with languages in the countries you're visiting. One other point to keep in mind is that you'll probably need internet access to use a translator. Google offers downloadable translators that will work off-line, but I'm not sure if that feature is available for all languages.