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TIM phone card

I didn't see this addressed anytime recently, so here goes.
I bought a TIM tourist phone card today and it was fairly effortless. I went to buy another one for my wifes phone and that when things get interesting. I tried a number of times to get one for her but kept getting error messages. I didn't recall that any said anything except that the bank could not process the card I gave them. I tried a number of different cards and nothing worked. I finally got a message that there already was an account on file with that info. I'm not sure what info they were referring to unless it was my name and address, although I did try one time with the card that I used to get the one card. Anyone have that experience? How do you converse with them (over internet) in english? We are leaving the 16th for a month stay in Italy. Thank You

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You were trying to buy a voucher on TIM's website(?) to buy a SIM you can pick up when you get to Italy? You bought one for your phone but couldn't buy a second one for your wife's phone?

Or are you talking about something else like an eSIM?

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If you purchased both on the same day, the website may have a protection against duplicate charges ( to avoid double billing).

Could you try purchasing the second card under your wife’s name and email, with one of her own credit cards?

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Andrew, you got it mostly right. I had entered some cc info wrong on the first 2 tries and the cc folks cut them off. It went to junk mail for some strange reason (on both of our accounts). Anyway, after I found that out and corrected the banks records, the transaction went through so we now have two vouchers to pick up two cards.

We ordered them now so it would be one more thing out of the way.
Thanks for your help.