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SIM card for iPhone in the Balkans?

Next month, I will be traveling to the Balkan region of southeastern Europe with an unlocked iPhone5. I would like to obtain a SIM card that could work for telephoning throughout that entire region, including the 7 countries of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia-Hercegovina. Many of the European SIM cards that are available online, like Vodaphone and Orange, do not include all of these countries (usually they only include the EU countries of Romania & Bulgaria).

The Technology for Travelers Website, compares available cards that seem to include these Balkan countries:
The site reviews these brands: OneSim, WorldSIM, KeepGo, GoSIM, KnowRoaming, and GigSky. Has anyone used any of these cards in the Balkan region? Does anyone have a recommendation for a SIM card that would include reliable coverage, even in rural areas of the above listed Balkan countries? Is there any problem associated with obtaining one of these cards online in the U.S. and then bringing it with me to Europe? Is there any way to test whether the SIM card will work or not before I leave the U.S?


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I've used Onesim in the past. The good news, its easy and it works. The bad news the costs add up quickly, and in the past they've caused problems in my phone when I returned home.
This is what I do now.
I buy a data sim card, (my personal preference is EE data sim from Amazon, about $30 for 6GB over 90 days) Though check the countries list first!
Then I get a Skype phone number for 1 or 3 months in the main country I'll be in. and stop the subscription when I get back.
I think its $6.50 per month (less if you purchase 3,6,12)
Problem with the EE sim is that you need a UK mailing address to top it up, though I think there's other ways.. but If I run out then I go into a shop and buy another data sim and still have the same phone number!
Frankly I rarely use the phone number except for hotel and restaurant reservations, other than that I stay in touch with family and fellow travelers through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and skype.

Hope this is helpful.