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plug needed for France

What is the plug required in France? Is it the 2 round posts?

Thank you!

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Plug adaptor is two round plugs as it is in all of Europe.

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Plug adaptor is two round plugs as it is in all of Europe.

Much of Europe but not all. Thinking specifically of Switzerland and the UK as exceptions.

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Not quite right Continental.

3-pin plugs:
France / Germany ("Schuko") and most of the rest of Europe = the same. Technically Franch and German are different, but it is possible to construct a plug that fits both.
Italy = different (3-pins in a straight line)
Switzerland = different (3-pins in a triangle)
UK / Ireland = Totally different, 3 flat pins

2-pin plugs
Same for all countries except UK / Ireland. A properly constructed 2-pin plug fits France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy etc.
UK/Ireland - 2 pin plug does not exist. All plugs 3-pin.

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To be a bit more comprehensive (than earlier, not Chris F who was writing same time as me) - it depends. Does whatever you want to plug in need an earth (does it have a third round pin?) or is it high wattage like a hair dryer or other appliance? Or is it only a mobile phone charger?

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I'm still on "Schuko", Chris! Never heard of that term. Thanks for the info.

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One other point to mention is that the two-pin Euro plugs can have different diameters, with either 4.0 mm or 4.8 mm pins. The current standard seems to be 4 mm, but there may be a variety of sockets installed especially in older buildings. The "Type C" plug is the one you'll need - .

It would help to know what devices you plan on using with the Plug Adaptor.

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As Chris notes, the German Schuko Type F plug and French Type E plug have different ground terminals. The Type F ground conductors are in the side of the plug. The Type E ground conductor is a hole in the face of the plug above and centered on the two round pins. My "euro plug" iron works with both Type E and Type F sockets because it has both types of ground conductors, the side of plug metal clip conductors and the metal conductor with round female hole in the face of the plug.

All that said, if you have a North American Type A ungrounded plug, or are not concerned about grounding your device, the Type C plug adaptor (two round pins) is all you need. My Rick Steves Type C continental adaptor is shaped to allow my computer's power block Type B plug's (North American) ground pin to bypass the body of the adaptor. It works for charging my computer but the power block is not grounded.

BTW the Rick Steves FAQ tip on adaptors: