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Restaurant Decoder app for Europe-- Hold over menu to translate

I have heard of an app that allows you to hold phone over the Menu in europe
and it will translate the page for you. Anyone know what it is?

Also what is the best driving App for Germany and France? turn by turn needed.
Also for small villages.

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Google translate can do so, and not just menus- signs, sandwich boards, etc. I have an iPhone, but I imagine it does the same on Android.

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Best app for driving- we used Google Maps for three weeks of driving in Sicily recently. I bought an Italian SIM card for my phone so get one that covers Germany and France.

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Yes, Google Translate is the app that you can hold over any foreign language text and it will translate it for you. I find it better to take a picture with the app, as even slight movement while you're trying to use it messes up the translation.

It was originally Word Lens, but Google bought it:

I don't know how it works on Apple devices, but on Android, you can download certain languages (including German and French), so you then can use Google Translate fully without needing a data connection. You do need memory space for each language.