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Thank you Philip, this is just what I needed. Getting ready for RS's 7 days in Paris tour. Cathy

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Thank you for this information! We're heading to Scandinavia in August and this is just what we needed to know about using our cell phones!

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The article is very helpful!

Last trip we used Skyroam, which I loved because you could connect multiple devices to it. The downside is not having call capability. but I used WhatsApp to communicate and that worked.

I like the idea of the SIM, but I'm scared that I would lose my normal SIM card somewhere along the way during the trip. I'm prone to losing those small things! I can't think how many times I lost my bluetooth ear device when those were the thing.

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Thank you! That answered my question about what happens to incoming calls on your normal number.

As for losing small things, me too. I got a case given to me that had slots for keeping SIMs and it came with the little tool to push the cards out. They are available at places that sell phone stuff - called a SIM kit or SIM adapter kit. I put it in with my passport when not in use so I don't lose the kit.

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Regarding having two SIM cards, modern smartphones now often provide two slots, so the original one cannot get lost! You can choose which one to use for what.

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My original SIM card is quietly sitting at home waiting for me.