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iPhone GPS use in UK and Portugal- best data plan for travel?

What data plan is best for using iPhone GPS in the UK and Europe. I have AT&T. Travel plan or local SIM card or both?

Will a SIM card purchased in Portugal work in the UK? No idea why this is so confusing to me.

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We use Verizon on international travel including Europe on my husbands iphone. We get the $70 per month plan that includes texts. If you have any incident abroad or at home it is a life saver.
I get a local SIM card for my iPhone and use that for GOS. We leave our Garmin with Europe maps home now, less to pack.

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We will be in Portugal for a little under 2 weeks and in the UK for 5 days. data ? I have never gotten a SIM card in several trips to Europe and I have no idea why using one seems so confusing. With a non U.S. sim card how does Verizon still work? OOPs, apparently we have AT&T. I used to have verizon but no more.

Thanks so much, CS

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You don't need data at the time you are using GPS. As long as you download the maps you need in advance at a time you have data (at home or on a hotel etc. WiFi), you can use maps and GPS to plot and display routes without any data connection.

I did this last week. Plotted a route from Vienna to Zürich while sitting in my hotel room. It downloaded a chunk of maps. During the trip, without data, I could follow the route on my phone.

"Will a SIM card purchased in Portugal work in the UK?" -Yes, however it will retain its Portuguese phone number. At least it will as long as the UK remains in the EU, after that it is "TBA, all questions to T May, 10 Downing Street".

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I have used "Maps.Me" on both IOS and Android devices in data-less environments and it works about as well as dedicated GPS device. Just download ALL the maps you need beforehand (while you're on WIFI).