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Plug or transformer for my Galaxy tablet?

I have a 2-prong plug adapter that will convert my tablet charger to most continental outlets, but one of my friends just asked if we needed a transformer, a la the good old days. I think the plug adapter will be adequate, but I would sure hate to fry my tablet.

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The assumption is that the input plug for the tablet accepts 110-240v. If it does it should clearly state that on the plug. Most current electronic items are set up for dual voltage. BUT -- check just to be sure. A couple of years my son bought a cheap replacement charger for his ipad from Amazon. While the original Apple charger would accept 110-240, his replacement only indicated 110. So you do need to check.

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The Rick Steves FAQ tip on adaptors vs converters:

Just check the nameplate on your device's power block. The typical electronic device's power block converts the alternating current (AC) line input to a low voltage direct current (DC). The converter that comes with your tablet is more than likely rated for input of 110 vac to 240 vac and outputs 5.1 vdc at 10 to 12 watts (depending on your tablet).

A Type C adaptor (two round pins) for your Type A North American plug is all you need for continental Europe. UK plugs are different.

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I used a Galaxy tablet in many countries of the world and only ever needed a plug adapter.

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OK, thanks to all! I checked the teeny tiny print on the charger, and it indeed is dual voltage.

Thank you!

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These days, every thing is dual voltage. Everything made in the last 10-12 years, anyway.

Not true. While most USB devices have dual voltage plugs, some cheap plugs are single voltage.

You also need to watch hair tools. Many are single voltage. Things get really weird if a motor is involved, such as a hair dryer. While some dryers have switches, the performance is drastically changed.