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New Phone suggestions

Time to get a new phone. I need the following "amenities" and if anyone has a suggestion with a make and model I'd appreciate it.. (Note, it's an ANDROID phone so no need to tell me about your iphone or Google Fi.)

GSM (able to work with T-Mobile and non-US sims)
64gb (but 32GB would be acceptable)
3GB RAM or higher
Android Nougat 7.0 or Higher
MicroSD card slot (not a second sim slot)
Micro usb charging
3.5mm earphone jack
Camera: 12mp (rear) or better
OTG (this is not a deal breaker if it doesn't have it)
Price: Under $300 but this is not written in cement

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I would check out getting a google phone and service, especially if you travel a lot. It was recommended to me by a tech friend who also travels for his job to China, Serbia, Germany, etc... Worked flawlessly in England and Wales and will be using it on the GAS tour this May. Not sure about all your specifics, but I'm sure you can look it up.

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I think the prior poster is referring to Google Pixel and Project Fi service. The only downside is that is an expensive high-end phone comparable in price to an iPhone. Project Fi gets great's a very simple plan, I almost got it myself.

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Thanks but T-Mobile works fine for me. I'm going to stick with it.

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I am working my way through Oneplus's phones.
Had the +1 and +2 and now one the Oneplus3.
Very happy with them all.
Only thing that does not meet your list is no SD slot.
But thing 64gb is the minimum memory ,there's also 128 gb versions..
Avoid the Oneplus5 ,it has a screen issue.
Theres an newer version of the 5 just out ,issue solved and bigger screen

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I love my new unlocked Moto E4 ($129 retail - I paid $105 on sale) - works on every carrier and should have all the frequencies needed for Europe. But it has only 16GB of flash storage - more than I need. Already have all the apps I like on it and have almost 8GB free. I was using an 8GB phone until recently. I don't quite get why people need so much flash storage, especially now that Android has adaptive storage (to use some of your added flash card for internal storage).

Biggest downside of my Moto E4 is the inferior camera. It's good for snapshots but not a lot else. I knew that before, don't care. I have a real camera I use instead.

There's a Verizon prepaid version of this phone that can be had for $40 at Walmart and unlocked via eBay for about $2. After unlock, works (surprisingly enough) on T-Mobile and AT&T. But it may not work well overseas.

I'd be surprised if you could find a phone with Frank's specs and requirements for under $300, but I would consider the Moto line.

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It is an Android phone which works with T-mobile but using a virtual mobile network (it works across three different networks, one of which is T-mobile). Feel free to ignore "unhelpful advice". Another thumbs up for B & H!

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But it doesn't have dual sim. I need dual sim.

And yes, B & H is a great site.

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One thing about buying a phone from a site like B & H and heading off to Europe without having used the phone in the US: For reasons I do not understand, you need to put a US SIM card in the phone and use it at least once before trying to use it with a foreign SIM. Or so I was told in 2015 (whether by B&H or T-Mobile, I'm not sure). I did a great deal of reading before selecting my phone, and I never encountered that information in print. It was pure luck that it came up in the course of a telephone conversation.

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Thanks. I plan to use the phone at least a month before heading overseas. I want to make sure everything works.

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Look for the Moto G5 – there are various versions (S, Plus) depending on the market – UK, US, international - but mine is dual sim, has 3GB, decent enough camera – and only cost £130. Comes with Android 7.0 and supposed to upgrade to 8.0 at some point. Very little bloatware.

At the price point up can’t go wrong.

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After dropping and cracking my old phone, I was looking for a replacement with all OP's requirements. In addition, the phone must have a removable battery, work in all countries, not larger tan 5", and have an active online support forum. I ended up getting the Moto G5 32GB International version (not marketed in the US, but available on Amazon) for ~$200 USD.

Love this phone during my trip to Thailand. T-mobile's 2/3G free roaming worked fine, but adding an inexpensive 4G Thailand SIM really rocked. That's what dual SIMs are for. The battery lasted a whole day even with constant use of Google Maps.

Cons: Not a very slim body. No US warranty.

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Thanks to all for your suggestions....right now, and this could change tomorrow, I'm leaning towards the Blu Vivo 8.

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Give us your review of the Blu. It sure is an inexpensive phone for the specs.

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I bought the Blu Vivo 8. So far, so good. 4gb Ram/64 GB hard drive. Dual sim although the second slot is also the sd card slot.

The only issue I had was today when It started running a whole bunch of tests. I just turned the phone off and on and it was good to go.

Other than that, it's been good.