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I am traveling with two teenage daughters for a couple week trip on My Way European Tour. We all have smart phones to keep charged plus tablets that need charged for bus time. Does the European outlet system allow for a power strip to hold all items that need charged everyday?

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Take a US power strip and plug it into a US to simple European plug adapter. Technically the power strip may not be rated for 240 volts (the voltage in Europe), but all of those devices are pretty low current so you should be OK.

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There are power strips that are exclusively with USB ports, so no need to bring the two-prong blocks connecting cables to power.

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Do not use a power strip with surge protection. Get a plain cheap one.

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I still carry a 220 to 110 volt converter that can hook up to any U S electrical apparatus.

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This power cord has a 2-pin Europlug. It will fit into the above charger and plug into a receptacle in Europe, and you won't have to take the US plug cord (or worry about losing the adapter).

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We just bring a regular extension cord and an adapter -- handy when the hotel outlet is under a table or behind a bed.

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Us Europeans also have multiple electrical items that need to be charged and our electricity infrastructure is able to handle powerstrips!

We have two power strips, one with a European plus and one with a US plug. We can then plug a multi USB power hub in and still have spare sockets for anything else. Having four phones, four tablets, kindles etc we find them sufficient enough to cover all our power needs wherever we travel.

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I purchased this for foreign travel. it covers europe among several other areas of the world.

EDIT: I clicked on the link above and it doesn't work anymore. here is a link to something similar:

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Second to Stephen’s post. Have had that one on several European trips and for extensive domestic travel. Can take a bit more time when changing iPads but we leave everything plugged in at night, good to go. Since it has various plugs no need for an adapter. A power strip is too bulky no need for that.

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I used to use one of the multi-port usb adapters with no problem. But I also found that in some older European hotels the plugs were not that frequent nor easiy accessible where I needed them. So I've started to carry this:

Upwade Power Strip

Very compact and the cord wraps around the unit to save space..