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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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WIND Mobile Cell Service
Work2Travel 5
Sim Card Advice
2bdesign 17
Reinstalling U.S. SIM card: Could not activate cellular data network
cubancoffee 8
Phone to use while driving in France
jsdsnv 6
European mobile roaming charges to be scrapped in 2017
Anthony Don 1
This is encouraging news.....
Ken 5
Has anyone used Viber to make free international calls?
richf7 5
I-Phone Help for Data Roaming
Todd 19
Mobile Wifi in Italy
mediamicki 8
software language
jackpilson225 4
RFID Pouch for Electronics
Vodafone on iPhone 5S - can't get rid of it
Jeff 12
Capital One 360 Debit Cards to now have Pin and Chip
Alexander 13
Free WiFi connections
Dianne 17
Prepaid sim cards/navigation
PJ 7
Turkcell doesn't work on iPhone 6
pdxmeganne 3
Wi-Fi in European hotels
Debbie 9
Can I create a post trip map using geo-tagged pictures
dick612 4
Not happy with Garmin
kennethmonk 7
Some Good Earbuds for my Europe Trip?
steven.r.hansen 15
Tap to pay with smartphone
Sunny 2
Has anyone used AT&T Passport calling/data plans?
Sarah 44
SIM card for iPad mini in Germany
duddenchid 7
Accessing e-mail - your experiences with being "shut out" when in Europe?
GypsyRover 31
electrical adapters & voltage converters
marilyn.m.mcb... 12
Camera Suggestions
peterwells730 23
Calling while in Europe; + and then country code?
Val 7
Best Mobile App to deal with foreign currency exchange while travelling
xdavegrip 11
Messenger or Whatsapp for Hotels?
apyupos 1
I was thinking about phones
phred 5
Map application for iPad that works offline and does not need GPS to function
SteveM 12
SIM primer
Nancy 6
Power Strips
dnz 19
Buy a cheap phone at Charles de Gaulle?
Alexis 5
Trip Planning Calendar App
Frank II 1
will my electrical appliance work in Italy, France and Spain?
ksb1949 14
SIM card still confused
epltd 5
Best SIM Card & Plan For Travel In Spain & France
valleyofthesun 3
Where is the search function
Dreamsparis 6
Retrieving email while in Europe
Mary 4
Verizon or T-Mobile: who has better coverage in UK, France, Italy & Greece?
GypsyRover 10
Verizon in Europe
warshawjd 8
Phone Confusion for first time traveler
ashleydoesyoga 9
American Chip and Pin card
Bill 12
Offline Barcelona METRO app for iPhone (english)
Jim 0
Data in Italy
33chanteuse 6
Technology Problem.
TC 5
Beware Verizon Euro Plan
Charles 17
No Phone…am I the only one?
Wray 27
Best Notebook to travel in France/ Spain with... Necessary or Not?
hollih 17