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Bought prepaid SIM card but lost capability when crossed border

Hello I bought a prepaid SIM card from the post office in a German airport. Thinking it was more trustworthy. It worked fine until I crossed the border. Now it doesn't work anymore. The main thing I noticed is that instead of (at the top, next to the bars), it now says Orange F. Whereas it stated the SIM card name. What happened? Did I not get a European card, like I asked, and got a single country card? Please help. I now have to find wifi! No!!

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Are you in France? "Orange F." would be the name of the French cellular network affiliated with the German cellular network on the the SIM. When I crossed into Canada, suddenly my phone switched from "ATT" to "Rogers", the affiliated Canadian carrier. Cost of calls went up.

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There is no "European card", all cards belong to a country and have a number from that country. But all cards issued in European countries work in other European countries.
When you are outside that country it changes provider changes. You phone still has a German number, but is now connected to "Orange F", which is French network.

Why do you say it is not working? What happens when you try to make a call, or when somebody tries to call you? When you make a call, always include the country code to avoid the risk of ambiguity.
Does data (Internet) work? If not you probably have "data roaming" turned off on your phone.