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Which one do I need to get for Scotland to charge my electronics?


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More info please. What type of devices?

If all you are asking about is the plug adaptor, the standard British one works fine. You can get one right here from the RS Store for $1 that works fine as long as you are not talking about a high current device. Most cell phones, tablets, camera chargers, all will work fine with just the plug adaptor. Check to make sure they can handle 220V 50Hz power. Forget things like hair dryers and curling irons and electric shavers. If you need those, buy a cheep one once you arrive.

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You may be able to buy the sleeved ones locally. I found them at my AAA store, so take a look at their travel store if you have one nearby. They had both the unsleeved and the sleeved ones. You can also probably find them at either your departure or transit airports.