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Adapter for Spain

We have been to Italy several times and now are planning our first trip to Barcelona next year. Will the adapter we have been using in Italy work in Spain, or is there another one we need to get? Thanks for your help.

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If it is 2-pin (two round pins), it will work.
If it is 3 pins (three round pins in a line) it won't. For 3 pins, Spain uses the German "Schuko" plug.

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A 2-pin adapter will probably work. Check the pin diameters. If they are Ø4.0mm (~5/32") they should work. If they are Ø4.8mm (~3/16") they are too big for the holes in the Spanish receptacles.

I've seen old 2-pin adapter with 3/16' pins as well as new ones sold in this country labeled "No. Europe" with the larger pins.

If you don't have a caliper, get a 3/16" drill and a crescent wrench. If the crescent wrench almost closes on both the drill and the pin, it's 4.8mm and too big. If it closes on the drill and the pin still has clearance, it's probably 4.0mm and will work.

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Plug Adaptors are relatively cheap, so it would be easy to pack a couple with different pin diameters. That way you've got all the bases covered. It's fairly easy to tell the difference between the two pin diameters that Lee mentioned.