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Camera Question

My husband has a Canon A77 camera that stores photos on a SIM card. At home, he downloads the photos to a computer.

I'm concerned about vacation and how to back up these photos ? We don;t plan to bring a laptop and our other devices are IPhones and IPADs.

What do you do ?


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I bring extra SIMs and put in a fresh one every so often, saving the ones with photos in a safe place.

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I think we are confusing SIM cards with SD memory cards - there is quite a difference between them

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Steven is correct. I assuming you are using SD cards. Simplest solution is to bring a hand full of SD cards. I just keep a number of smaller SD cards as suggested earlier. I was badly burned a few years when I had a large capacity SD card die and lost all the photos. My son uses a small, battery operated, portable hard drive that has a SD card slot and automatically pulls the photos off the card when a SD card is inserted. And you can buy a card reader for an iPad and download to the iPad. You have lots of options.

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To my knowledge no camera uses SIM cards. They either use SD or CF cards. In either case it really comes down to how many photographs your husband takes and at what resolution (i.e. how many will fit on the card which depends on the card capacity). You then have to look at how many cards you would have to purchase and the cost. Now I take several hundred photographs per day at full resolution. I would need at least 1 card per day. In addition, if you take many photographs how do you remember what they all were when you get home? That is why I carry a small computer. I download all my photographs each night, cull out the losers (and there are many) and then label each of the remaining photographs. If I did not do this, at end of a 30 day trip I would have several thousand photographs to identify. No way. Also, just leaving the photographs on numerous SD/CF cards provides no back up. What happens if you lose them or they are stolen. For this purpose I carry a small portable hard drive, that I store and carry separate from my computer. I back up each days photographs to this small HD every night.

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There are a ton of SD card readers to download photos to your iPad. Buy one from Amazon, Best Buy, whatever. Should be under $20. Download your photos everything day and be sure you have an iCloud backup and you’ll be fine.

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I buy multiple SD cards and try to have one for every three days of the trip. On our 21 day BOE tour I did bring my 11" Dell laptop and I uploaded the pictures each night. The 2 trips after that I just changed my ad cards and placed them in a safe place. By changing cards every few days if something DOES go wrong or you lose a card you've only lost a few days of photos.

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I second Alan's suggestion. I have an SD to iPad transfer device. It works just as described, plug it into your iPad, put the SD card in the other end and you can transfer your pictures to the iPad. It is small, inexpensive, and convenient.

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Yes, transfer the photos to the iPad. I have a cord that plugs into the camera on one end and has a USB port on the other. Attach iPad cord and plug in. The photos download to the iPad

I delete many from the iPad to save space, but leave them all on the SD card. At home my laptop has plenty of room for all photos, but the iPad is limited in space. I use it to keep the best photos, the ones I’d want in case of anything going wrong. Then I can also email or post them to share with family at home.

From there I can back up the iPad to the cloud. I also keep everything on the SD cards and sometimes change the card as others described.

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Thanks so much -

Yes - I did mean SD card.

These are great ideas and since we are not traveling until October - we can try a few out. I don't think his IPAD has a lot of storage, but an external hard drive or additional cards may be the answer.

he takes a lot of photos, so maybe increasing cloud storage would work.....

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I have found that Wifi connections in hotels can be poor. If he has a large amount to upload it may not work (i.e. take all night).

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I download SD cards to my iPad . Buy the little connection gizmo at the Apple Store.

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...I don't think his IPAD has a lot of storage, but an external hard drive or additional cards may be the answer.

As others have mentioned, there are inexpensive little card-reader gizmos you can plug into your iPad, which allow you to easily copy photos to the iPad. But then you're limited by how much space your iPad has - you will need to take a hard look at how much available space you expect to have there to determine if that's a realistic option.

BTW, you generally can't easily hook up an external drive or other external storage device to an iPad.

A bunch of extra cards might cover you. It's certainly a simple solution.

he takes a lot of photos, so maybe increasing cloud storage would work.....

You should carefully evaluate exactly how much data (how many images, how large they will be) he's really going to need. It could be a lot more than you think (depends on the camera and the photographer).

Cloud storage may work OK in some cases, but if (as I suspect) you would be at the mercy of whatever free wifi your hotel offers, beware that this may not be a realistic option. Hotel wifi speeds may be fine for email or social media, but if you need to push large numbers of large images (very common with today's cameras and some photographers) that may far exceed your ability (or your patience).

As an (admittedly extreme) example, I came back from a trip to Italy last fall with over 14,000 photos, average size was about 24 megabytes. That could take a lifetime to upload to a cloud service from a slow hotel wifi connection.

There are photo backup devices you can buy (basically a hard drive in a case with a card reader built in and a simple operating system) that can work (I have had several over the years and currently travel with one, with a 500 Gigabyte capacity) but they can get expensive, and they're one more electronic gizmo to carry along (and hopefully not break or be stolen).

For many of us, photos are our most precious travel souvenirs, so having a reliable backup is important. The best solution for you really depends on what your storage needs are, so the best way to start is to figure that out.

Hope that helps.