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Google Translate sort list by language

I've saved several phrases for offline use in four languages, Italian, Croatian, Slovenian and German. I can't see how to sort them by language. Mainly the phrases are about food allergies and sensitivities.

Does anyone know how to sort in the app? And yes, I know that Google Translate is not always accurate but it's better than nothing for what I need.
As always, thanks for your help.
Kathy, 36 days and counting down.

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There are websites that list food allergies in specific languages and you can buy translated cards with this information - it could supplement your google translate.
I realize that isn't the question, but it might help with accurate translation if allergies are of life threatening types.

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I don't use any of this electronic stuff.

In German if you have an allergy/reaction to MSG, the use of MSG in a food product is indicated by a number, eg, "3 Geschmackverstaerker." (Except that in German this word would be indicated with the umlaut over the "a" )

Geschmackverstaerker is basically what we call MSG. Préservatives is "Konservierungstoff."

Food coloring is "Farbstoff"

Carbonation is indicated as "mit Kohlensaure versetzt" The umlaut is over the "a" If you want the mineral water without this carbonation, ask for "still"...likewise when you buy a bottle of mineral water, ie "still" on the label, it is flat water, no carbonation, gas.

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If certain foods can ruin your trip, I don't think google translate is sufficient.

My daughter used cards from this website

There are other sources including which also provide translation for a wide variety of allergies and customized if needed.

In restaurants in Europe now you can find a list of common allergens and the menu indicates by number or code referencing that list if the item contains any allergens.

Enjoy the trip!!

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I'd write or print them out on index cards and have them at the ready. What if your phone battery dies?

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Back to the technological question, I don't have this app, but took a look to see what the Help website for Translate had to offer. It looks like you save these phrases to a phrasebook. Are you able to create more than one phrasebook - thus creating one per language? That would be the simplest for the user but whether it has the capacity, I don't know.
Good luck.

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For mineral water labels in order to recognise them quickly, with carbonation you see on the label "prickelnd"

For partial carbonation but it's still carbonated, the label has "mild" on it, and then no carbonation, just flat water, the word "still" is on the label. There is no price difference whether, "still" or "mild," or "prickelnd."

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Thanks Fred for the heads up on the water.
Thanks everyone else for you help. Someone on a previous topic was kind enough to give me the phase in all four languages that I'm very allergic to chocolate. Very much appreciated.
Kathy. Leaving 1 month from today.

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To be allergic to chocolate (I had that too as a kid) basically means your body cannot tolerate it. You say that in German, "Ich kann Schokolade nicht ertragen ( I can't tolerate chocolate) Say that and "they" will get the picture.