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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Venice Marco Polo airport ATM
joenixoncpa 3
US to US calling while in Paris
Frank 10
US T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan SIM in Europe
TFD612 5
Using Your Phone to See Paris in a Whole New Light
Philip 0
Using 'whats App' instead of international text/call plan?
Elizabeth 13
Using Verizon but without Travel Pass for a couple of texts in Europe
Kathy 12
Using U.S. Cell phone in Europe
Mary 3
Using translators for travel.....
Ken 6
using rick steves' app
vicki 1
Using Rick's guidebooks on an iPad
rwolfson 3
Using Nikon Coolpix Camera in Europe
Mary 5
Using my US cell in Canada
David 13
Using Google streetview
cbrochu30 12
Using Galaxy 3 in Czech Republic and Germany
Mary 2
Using "Eye-Fi Mobi" card
wtrout 2
Using CPAP machines while in flight
Havefunwilltr... 12
Using Chromebook + iPhone or SD card
bsbk13 3
using a windowsphone for ricks audio tours
royal1233 7
Using a Verizon network smartphone in "pay-as-you-go" mode in Europe
SteveM 15
Using a smartphone in museums
Dianne 6
Using a phone in France
plks52 6
Using an iPhone GPS app offline
victor.gorodi... 12
Using and Charging our Electronics
Joy 60
Using a 5 digit pin in Spain for credit and debit cards
Leslie 10
Use of phone while traveling
halfdozmom 20
Use iPhone Contacts as travel tool
barbaraz 11
Useful iPhone Apps
GraniteAmble 2
US credit cards are not being read in France.
wfmurray 13
USB port in Ireland/UK with American devices
heyitsmebethy 7
USB in UK and France
ohiouhockeyfan 12
USB Chargers......
Ken 2
USB charger question
Allie 11
Upgrade to Iphone 6+ or Ipad mini for travel?
June 10
Unlocking smart phones?
JJ 5
Unlocked phone with U.S. PAYG
Frank II 7
unlocked phone - prepaid card
Heidi 8
Universal adaptor for Murren Switzerland
Judy 6
Unable to get cell carrier to unlock phone for travel in France and Spain, what are my...
theresabrinkh... 10
Ulamon map app premium is 50% off until Tuesday
Packy 0
UK/Ireland Sim Card company guidance requested 2019
AZ Traveller 6
ubs chargers
horsewoofie 19
Type F power strip
teamstandy 8
Type F adapters - insulation on the prongs/tips
teamstandy 7
Two way radios for communications
wbills 6
Two way language translators
Anne 12
Two phones - SIM or no SIM?
Al 11
Tweaking the Travel Forum
lisa 8
TV shows in English
dale 5
Turning a RS audio file OFF on my iphone5
Tom 3
Turkcell doesn't work on iPhone 6
pdxmeganne 3