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We haven't had a best travel camera thread in a while, so...

I came across this yahoo article:

You can go to their respective websites, facebook and instagram etc to see all their photos. Beautiful looking, both scenery and pair. They take the couple shots using a timer remote and tripod. The guy says he always processes using the same lightroom settings and admits his shots have a very similar look and style. Note: bandana, bare feet, lots of facing away shots. I get freaked out with them standing or sitting at the edge of great heights.

So, if you have a Canon 5D III and a 24-70 mm L lens (total about CAD$9,000), are blessed with genes for good looks and have a decent photog eye, you too can make over than a $100,000 a year posting travel photos. Not bad for a 26 year old former carpet cleaner.

Edit: Here is the link to the instagram link:
They each have a dedicated website, and accounts with facebook and twitter. And there is some fan that is going around the world copying the same photo shots using the same locations and poses.

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Wow, nice work if you can get it. Unfortunately I can't afford $9k for a 5DIII at the moment.

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I love all the pix taken with their backs to the camera. It's very effective. I wonder if I can do that with my iPhone... I sure wouldn't have many opportunities to safely execute that technique though -- not and keep my stuff! Let's see... Trevi fountain... Rialto bridge...

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"I love all the pix taken with their backs to the camera. It's very effective. I wonder if I can do that with my iPhone."

Vivian, if you want your back to the camera, just flip your phone around and use the back facing camera when you take a selfie...

Just kidding. The couple explain their technique. They use a tripod and a timer remote. Also, they try to take their photos about one hour after sunrise to avoid crowds. That couple use a large full-frame DSLR mounted on a sturdy tripod. If somebody tried to steal it, i am sure they could run down the thief, even in their bare feet. You could mount the iphone on a mini tripod to try and create similar shots. However, if your iphone is snatched and pocketed, you will probably will not recover it. You are better off just handholding and taking pictures of your travel companions and have them do the same for you, posing with back to camera.