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Wanderlog Users - ? on copying lists from one trip to another

Hi Wanderlog users!

Is there a way (have you accomplished) to create a list in one trip and then copy the whole list and use in another trip? I'm thinking about either some standard items you set up as your planning checklist on about every trip or, even your packing list.

There's got to be a way! I did a quick google search and looks like as of September 2023 there wasn't a way, but thought I'd ask all you folks since you're generally a highly intelligent group!


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Hi, melT, unfortunately there is no way. I've been using Wanderlog for awhile and was also trying to copy my packing list from one trip to the next.

I recently contacted Wanderlog and chatted with one of two twin brothers that founded it, and he said that it is not possible at this time, but that is something they have their eye on and hope to be able to accomplish that in the future.

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Jean - the instructions are within the same trip, unfortunately.

Mardee -that confirms, sadly!

Since you’re in touch with the founders, perhaps you could expand their thinking by suggesting a “template” trip for all random places you find you want to see someday. And some standard lists. A place holder if you will. Then you could either copy the entire template trip to a new trip, updating name, location and dates and baseline template checklists, then remove what doesn’t apply (delete is easy!!) or copy just items rim the template to other trips.

Wanderlog seems to be list based, and I’m no software engineer or techie, but i equate the function similar to Trello, and Trello figured our templates and copy/use established lists…

This may be the area where Tripit excels. I’m have to explore that a bit!

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That's a very good idea. If you're a redditor, you might want to join the Wanderlog subreddit that someone just started a few months ago, and post your idea there. I'm pretty sure that both Harry and Peter visit there frequently; in fact, I think Peter is the moderator for the subreddit. There isn't much traffic now but hopefully as word spreads, more users will join up.