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We need new headphone to use to watch movies on planes.

We need new headphone to use to watch movies on planes. We can’t stand the little ear buds.they hurt. We have a iPad and share the movie on the plane.

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So, get on the ear headphones if you don't like ear buds. Wireless or blue tooth works very well but are more expensive.

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I can’t speak highly enough about my Bose noise cancelling headphones. Fabulous but $$$.

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If you opt for Bluetooth headphones, only one set can be paired with an iPad at the same time. If you use wired ones, you’ll need a splitter to plug into the iPad.

I have an inexpensive pair of earbuds that have inserts made of soft rubber(?) and they don’t hurt at all. I hated the hard plastic phones that Apple supplied. Check wired ear buds on Amazon. They are inexpensive and usually come with small, medium and large ear inserts so you can customize them for your comfort. The other thing I like about a wired set when I travel is that they plug into the plane’s audio jack and to museum audio guides so you don’t have to hold them up to your ear.

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If you rarely use them and only want them for on a plane - my Sony noise cancelling headphones cost about $70 Cdn a few years ago (over ear, corded) and work well enough. I can really hear the difference in the engine noise when they are turned off then on. I bought my hubs a pair the next year. Because we are only using them once a year when we fly, I didn't want to spend $300+.

Sony MDRZX110NC On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

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I have a set of the Sony headphones mentioned (MDRZX110NC). I bought mine "New" on eBay, where they can be purchased for around $15 these days. As they are the only noise cancelling headphones I've used, I have no other reference. They are OK, but "noise cancelling" they are not - at least not in flight. Technology has moved on from wired headphones - but my travel entertainment (iPod) requires a wired connection, and I'm too cheap to spring for the pricier alternatives. Sorta lukewarm recommendation, I guess.

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Love, love my airpods pro that I just got. Small, lightweight, perfect for travel. I will also use them for RS audio guided walks in my travels. I just hope I don’t lose them! They do only pair with iphone though.

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You can find noise canceling headphones from $60 and up that will work reasonable well. I've had a pair bought from Amazon 5 years ago that work fine with the planes in flight movies and My Samsung smart phone. Bought my husband the Bose last year and he loves them. Great sound and they fold smaller than mine. It's blue tooth but has a cable for using the planes in flight system.

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I fly to California 3-4 times a year and bring my granddaughters back to Colorado. My DIL bought headband headphones on Amazon for the girls to use on the plane. They are comfortable and work well. Amazon has some for adults and I'm going to get one for me before my next flight. I have tried all kinds of earbuds and find them all uncomfortable after a short period. Hope this helps.

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Rather than noise-cancelling headphones, I suggest you consider over the ear headphones designed to protect from loud noises (e.g., construction noise, shooting, etc.). Some just block the loud noises, but many can transmit sound and have jacks to fit the auxiliary cable that will plug into a headphone jack on an electronic device, same as a regular headphone for playing music. To me, these do a much better job blocking out the steady drone of airplane noise.

I have several pairs. Here is a link to one on amazon: Professional Electronic Earmuffs with Listening Mode. I don't know anything about this particular brand -- it is not one of the ones I have -- but it gives you the general idea.

One advantage to this idea: These headphones can cost a whole lot less than headphones sold as noise cancelling.

Second advantage: They block out a lot of sound even when you aren't playing any music or watching any video.

One disadvantage: They may be a bit larger and slightly heavier than other headphones.