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Virtual Travel

Hello everybody,

I am currently busy with work and due to Covid-19 restrictions I am afraid of traveling anywhere. Therefore, to break the routine I was searching for any platform offering travel content live streamed. Any ideas? do you think it's a cool way to travel until everything goes back to normal?

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Hi, Patrick,
For the past 1 1/2 years I’ve really enjoyed taking Context Learning’s live 90 minute seminars with experts presenting on various aspects (history, art history, architecture, archaeology, cooking, film history, museums and location-specific travel tips and destination highlights among many other topics) about many destinations. There is a Q and A in the latter part of each seminar. For the great majority of their seminars, a recording is sent to participants within a day or so after the live seminar has taken place so schedule conflicts aren’t a problem. I have no connection with this company at all. I’m just a happy customer.

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Hi Valerie,

Thank you for your recommendation! It sounds really interesting. My question is, do they show the actual destination? Or is it a seminar based conversation/discussion on the given topic? Learning is fun but so is exploring the world. Not only with google street view, images or video.

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Most of the seminars are focused on an aspect of a particular destination or region but these seminars usually have photos, maps, and sometimes videos. Some other seminars are actual onsite live tours where the expert walks through the destination as he/she talks. I’ve attended these type of live Context tours of a number of Parisian neighborhoods, Barcelona, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, and Machu Picchu. Obviously, for many destinations these types of live tours aren’t available during their less favorable weather seasons.

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Hi Patrick,

I also have a recommendation. For the past 3 months I have been enjoying live tours on a new platform ( ) that offers live streamed tours from expert tour guides that are free to join and tip-supported. There is a chat to ask any question you might have and even a camera function to take a snapshot as a souvenir.

There are many categories and all the thematic tours you can imagine! Viewpal seems to be doing a great job in curating excellent tour guides as until now all there were all professional guides. Scheduling tours are also not a problem like in Context Learnng as they never overlap with each other's tours. It must be from a direction from the viewpal team or the cooperation of the guides!

In any case, I strongly recommend both, but I am inclined more to Viewpal as I can take photographs and it's free to join! I have no connection with any of these companies. I am just a happy traveler!