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Website for travel blog - need a recommendation

Hi everyone
I’ve been a long time user of Travel Pod to record my travels and now of course the site has sadly closed.
Can anyone recommend a similar site?
Thank you!

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I have been blogging at for a couple of years. I find it really easy to use as long is my internet connection is strong. I think I've blogged about 6 trips on it so I've gotten pretty comfortable with it.

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Another Wordpress user here, over 6 years now and 3 blogs. They have excellent support, too.


I would also recommend WordPress. I have developed dozens of websites and blogs with WordPress. It is reletively easy to use and add content, However, there is a bit of a learning curve When it comes to the initial design and set up. regardless it is the best CMS/ Blogging platform out there.

  • BTW, you want to use NOT

If you would like help setting it up let me know I specialize in WordPress website development . Here is my company website:

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I'm a WordPress user too, but please don't go that route as a replacement for Travel Pod. Setting up a blog on WordPress is a different kind of endeavor from what you are used to. It would be like going from bumper cars to the Autobahn.

You are probably looking for something more along the lines of one of,, or

There've been several previous threads on this topic.

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The New York Times travel columnist who was a guest on the RS radio show recently recommended the app
I've added it to my phone but haven't tried it out ...

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Thank you everyone! I’ll have a look at all of your suggestions!
Your help is much appreciated :-)

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I also used to use TravelPod and was disappointed when it shut down. I looked at several alternatives, including WordPress, but eventually decided to go with the replacement website that was set up by a dedicated TravelPod fan - .

That was the easiest site to transfer my previous Blogs to, and although the TravelArk site still seems to be somewhat a "work in progress", it works very well. I also looked at another site and may yet give it a try - .

Good luck with your decision!