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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Kindle stuff
phred 6
KML/KMZ files for Steves’ walking tours?
bogiesan 0
lack of storage in exit row seats
KC 7
language apps for spain and czech for iphone question
glennlorrainer 3
Language Learning Suggestion - School or App
shanonnich 9
Language translator apps
jmacaulay 5
Brent 5
Laptop - tablet ban?
dwest 11
Large Group Communication
Pludester... 2
"Last Date" of Posts
Robert 6
Last Supper Tickets—Ta Da!!!!
Lola 6
Latest phone advice?
phred 18
Leave passport at the hotel, or take it with you in Spain?
set123 2
Lock Screen Message
Frank II 14
"long distance" for locals (e.g UK number in Italy)
doingyboy 7
Long term phone plan.
rapunzel 2
Long Term SIM Card
candyb 9
Long term travel in EU, Sims or Global Plans
lynwes 9
Looking for an English to French dictionary That does not require being online
Joe 8
looking for best way to share travel with family back home
Carol 23
Looking for good inexpensive portable charger for iPhone & iPad
Kathy H. 15
loved mobile wifi
rizell 11
Luggage trackers
tweber 5
Lycamobile France with U.S. Address
dhericks 3
Magic Jack
Frank II 3
Mail forwarding service for extended European trip
Willi 10
Making phone calls in Europe
dpalmier53 2
Making photo books
diveloonie... 7
Map App for Walking while Off line
Bob 11
Map application for iPad that works offline and does not need GPS to function
SteveM 12
Map Apps and Phone charges
cwilson818 7
Map Apps for Android
gone 9 is a great OFFLINE map program for iPhones and Android
Tom 18
Marriott throws in the (wifi) towel
phred 10
Meeting new people
ottekilian 9
Messenger or Whatsapp for Hotels?
apyupos 1
Microsoft Translator - Green Icon - (Slow Speech)
LuvToTravel 1
MiFi devices
whereisseth 3
MINT MOBILE reviews?
Allison 3
Mobile data SIM for England in April
bkasrel 4
Mobile options for my 8 months in France
Lisa 12
Mobile Pass App?
Stroff 6
Mobile Passport
Roger 21
Mobile Passport App
Ted Bassman 9
mobile passport app - wifi only device
Wray 6
mobile passport control app
tabletop4 9
Mobile Passport Control App review
amyk 57
Mobile phone card and plan for italy.
jd 2
Mobile phone for 5 countries
Dave 12
Mobile Phone in rural Scotland
losthiker68 10