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Expedia seems to be having some problems

I just got a text from Expedia asking that anyone who isn't traveling in the next seven days not to contact them so they can work with people who're traveling immediately.

I suspect that those people who're calling Expedia aren't doing it to book new trips.

-- Mike Beebe

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I was scheduled to check into a Milan hotel today that closed due to lockout. Expedia left multiple voice messages about lockout before my phone got the message. Expedia offered to find an alternative but I took the refund.

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I am on hold at 2:24 am in the morning as I read your post. The travel portal run by Expedia through Chase has been off line for awhile now. So far I have been on hold for 33 minutes. I am hoping that I am able to get through in the next hour...........
No worries, as a teacher, I still have hours of work trying to get 6 weeks of math instruction for 3 different subjects revamped for online teaching over the course of one weekend.