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File storage App

Is there a good App for Iphones that will store all of my trip plans? Hotel reservations, itinerary, other documents. Thanks!

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You could try

I believe there's a basic version and a more expensive "Pro" version. Have a look at the website for details.

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Thanks! I'll give it a try. I definitely do NOT want to be taking tons of paper with me:)

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You might want to take a look at the app "Passbook."

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you may want to have a backup plan.

If you dont have access to the www or wi-fi, what will you do?

I made PDFs of all my info and put them in folders on my desktop on my phablet.

i also made copies of them and put them in one of my email accounts. Just in case my phablet was lost/stolen/broken.

happy trails.

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A second vote for TripIt. It's very easy to use, and pulls info out of your confirmation emails for flights, trains, hotel reservations, etc. You can add details, maps, directions. I just used the free version and it did everything I needed.

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I use TripIt to organize the plan and the. Email it EverNote. I have the premium version of Evernote which allows me to save note offline. I've also done the same thing with Dropbox in the free version. I save copies on both my phone and iPad. All three apps have a web UI so if I lost my device I would be able to get another copy.

With all that said I always have a printed copy because you never know when you're going to look at something and your batteries are dead or you have to show the details to some one else.