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Eurobuzz cell phones

Just curious to know if anyone has used Eurobuzz cell phones. Their website claims you can buy 2 phones with SIM cards, chargers and power adapters for around $40 plus shipping (I think). When you get to Europe, they claim the phones work from anywhere for 79 cents/minute regardless where you're calling to, or whether your call is to another cell or land line. Apparently, they pick up the strongest signal in any given area.
Thanks for your input!

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People say they work. I don't trust people.

For thirty bucks a month I can put my phone on a European plan that makes the calls a dollar a minute - - no shipping fees. I have a charger and plug adapter. It picks up the strongest signal. I keep the same phone number. I don't have junk left over when I get home.

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They work great, and might be your best option if your current cellphone doesn't work abroad. The phone service is post-paid, so you never need to buy minutes (or risk running out at an inopportune time), and your number is permanent (no switching SIM cards for different countries). When you get home, just toss them in a drawer. All you have to do to use them on your next trip is charge them up. They also come with plug adapters.

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It would help to have some idea where you're located (ie: whether you currently have a cell phone) and what you anticipate using the phones for while travelling.

Before ordering any phones, I'd suggest having a look at several of the "travel phone" firms to compare rates and features. Some of the firms you could check are......

There are many others, but those are a few that you could look at. I've been using one of the above services for several years, and so far that's worked very well.

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We really like our EuroBuzz phones and service. They worked very well (and as advertised). Great battery time.

Ditto all that Nancy said.

I haven't used the phones in two years, but when the expiration date on my credit card was expiring recently, EuroBuzz sent me an email so I could send them the new expiration date - very helpful for me.

This is the same company as Mobal - Mobal is for worldwide usage, and EuroBuzz is for Europe, only. Just read the website for the info (and it sounds like you have).

We made calls within Europe, to the USA, and texted each other - all calls, esp. to the USA, were very clear. Billing to our credit card was as expected, and showed up on the very next billing cycle.

We were very pleased with everything. Yes, with more effort you may spend a tad less with some other solution (depending on your current phone, where you're traveling to, etc.), but this was an effortless and inexpensive way to go for us. expensive phone stayed at home ;-)

Remember - you can't use this from the USA, but of course you can charge it at home before travel.