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Feedback of the G3 Wireless for Traveling in Europe

Hello all,

I am not that techy of a person especially when it comes to phones. As a matter of fact my husband and I just got our I-phones 2 years ago only because we changed companies and they were free. In any case-we have traveled extensively without any type of phone and have relied on using the internet to book rooms, correspond, etc. This time we will be there for 3 months and both he and I will need to have a phone for minimal usage-calling a place where we have reservations, etc. We would not need a data plan as we will use free wifi when we can and book places that offer it. I saw on a forum that the G3 wireless was a good network from the most recent post on this forum but wanted more feedback. We will be traveling to the UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. As I said this would only be for limited use in case we absolutely have to call someone in that country. Would you all recommend this company? It looks like it is pretty simple: get phone unlocked ( no idea where to get that done state side ) Buy their sim card, activate it when we arrive, it will give us texts, calls, and data in those countries ( even though we wouldn't need data ). Another question: this is my primary phone, not a back up. If I unlock it will there be any problems when I return to the US? Do I have to re-lock it??? OR should I just get a pre-paid phone when I arrive. I am just looking for something easy and that will not cost too much.

Also.....Vonage-I have the app on my phone and should be able to call out for free to the US as long as I have wifi???? Sounds too good to be true. Just wanted to clarify with others.
Thank you!!!!


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There is a provider in the UK called Three (3). It is good for data in areas where it is good coverage. Not much good where it isn't and it has not as much coverage as some. 3 built its reputation on data not calls.

That has nothing whatsoever to do with 3G or G3.

I have never heard of G3 anywhere, certainly not here in the UK, or anywhere else in Europe I have traveled to.

3G is the nickname or abbreviation for third generation data over cells. 2G was older, 4G is newer.

If you don't intend to use data you need no 3G or 4G.

A simple phone will work or you can bring your iPhones. Which model?

Be careful with accounts of labara cheapness. Check for yourself their fairly high roaming charges on their webpage.

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If you mean 3G as in 3G/4G LTE, then its like wi-fi. Not a provider/seller.

what i would do first and this is just how I'm wired and think.

  1. Find out if your phone is "quad band" 2 Ask your carrier providers if they have "international" plan or if the phones will work "internationally". you maybe able to use it internationally already or you maybe able to buy a "booster" or change your plan to do so. You will need to determine if its worth it to you.

the "locking" of the phone is more or less a way to "trap" you from finding and switching to a less expensive plan if you choose to. You do not need to have it "locked" once you return.

happy trails and good luck

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To begin with, it's necessary to determine which iPhone models you're using and which cell network you're with? As they were "free", they may have been older models which may or may not work in European cell networks. For example, AFAIK the Verizon iPhone 4 will NOT work in Europe, even if unlocked. If the phones will work in Europe, as you've had them over two years your provider may unlock them for you (possibly for a small fee).

I don't recall seeing this mentioned on the Forum, but is this the G3 roaming service you were referring to? I'm not familiar with them, so don't have any comments to offer. One encouraging point to note is that they have an A+ rating with the BBB, which is a good sign. THIS is their BBB page with the Central Ontario BBB. I believe they're also connected in some way to Brightroam and they have offices in both Canada and the U.S. I've been using a different roaming provider for a few years, but may have a closer look at G3.

It appears that G3 uses "callback" in some areas, which isn't a huge issue but a bit annoying. The roaming prices do look attractive though, and one advantage is that they allow travel service for up to six months. Some of the others only offer service up to 30 days, so if travelling for 3 months the plan would have to be purchased at the start and then renewed twice.

One very minor point - if you're travelling for three months, I assume you're aware of the 90-day Schengen Limit?