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Flat iron on 17 day Eastern Europe Tour

Hello I am leaving 6/23 for a 17 day land and river cruise: Berlin, Prague, Czech, Vienna, Budapest.
I need to bring my U.S. curling iron and flat iron, but just realized that I may need a different adapter than the one I have.
I've heard that the hair tools blow the adapter. Help !!!

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Although some people report success with dual-voltage appliances (check for a label on yours that says 120v-240v), heat producing appliances are problematic. You might consider buying one there.

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Do NOT bring your US hair tools unless they are dual voltage. Regular US appliances are 110v and cannot handle the European 240v. It's not the adaptor you need to worry about, it's the voltage. You could cause a fire. Either buy dual voltage appliances before you leave (plus a European plug adaptor) or buy them when you get to Europe. Plug adaptors are easy to find- even Walmart has them.

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I have the lightweight Travel Smart 1/2" ceramic straightener with a travel pouch. As mentioned up thread it has worldwide dual voltage. I attach it to my RS adapter. I purchased mine at my local Travel Store. Check it out online.
Have a great trip! We are traveling to that region in a few months.

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I've heard that the hair tools blow the adapter.

It actually the hair tool that "blows" if it a 120 vac device and you try to feed it with 220 vac electric power. May also trip the hotel's circuit breakers when it fries the 120 volt tool(s). The plug adapter just lets you match the plugs electrical conductor prongs with the electric socket of the host country. Make sure your device is rated for 220-240 volt at 50 Hz.

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To begin with, it would really help to know whether the curling iron and flat iron are designed for dual-voltage operation, or only for use on 115 VAC?

If both products are only for use on 115 VAC, I would advise NOT to travel with them. While it is possible to use a Voltage Convertor, that's not an ideal solution and may cause problems. There are two principles used in voltage conversion, solid-state and transformer. The solid-state convertors produce a very "rough" electrical waveform and some appliances don't operate well with that. The transformer convertors produce a smooth electrical waveform but high wattage models are inherently heavy so not easy to travel with. The easiest and best solution is to either use dual-voltage appliances or buy appliances in Europe.

You will of course need appropriate Plug Adaptors specific to the countries you'll be visiting.