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France / Germany Sim

Doing 29 days in France and Germany, looking at sims since the world sim I kept going for some years went defunct during Covid. Old phone so no esim - found a 14 day Orange Holiday that looks like it would work topped up to keep it going for the whole trip which requires registration. Then I found I could get a google Fi sim for which the cost for a month would be about the same as Orange with the top--up. But, with the old phone thing I wouldn't have network switching so restricted to T-mobile.

I'm not really ready to spring into a new phone/technological experience to open up more service possibilities. I'm inclined to go with Orange but thought I'd check if there are might other options I'm not picking up on for a physical sim with a 30 day service period in France and Germany (I did find some 3UKs but in the event I do need to top up for data that looks problemmatic).

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SFR? I used Orange a few times, but got annoyed when it ran out after 2 weeks and had to go renew in person, because it wouldn't let me online or by phone. I have been looking at France myself, recently, and found SFR is the cheapest/easiest, and they are everywhere. I always like to have their people actually get my phone working as it should (whether it is Vodafone, or Orange). Advantage to Orange of course, is that they have manned kiosks at airports, with very helpful staff.