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French Language Learning Podcasts for Travelers

Does anyone know of a podcast to learn French that is specifically geared towards travelers? I have some experience in French and am trying to 'reactivate' it. I'll be visiting Paris in October so I have plenty of time to recover the language fully, but I'd like to start by concentrating on travel language specifically and expand out from there.

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There are two free sites I would direct you to:
1) Coffee Break French. Is presented by Rafio You can find it as a podcast and also on Facebook. The regular lessons are free and you can also buy enhanced lessons for a little over $100 for all 40. The teachers are Scottish but are quite good.

2) also offers French. Different format but also good.

We are traveling to Italy in the fall, and I've been brushing up my Italian with both sites.

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I used DuoLingo before my last trip, it helped wake up parts of my brain but focused on silly sentences like The Shark is eating an apple and The Boys and the girls are all in the yard.

I did not use either of those expressions on my trip.