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Svolvaer or Henningsvaer?
rmsandvik 0
Tight connections in Oslo - is there customs in Oslo after connection in Iceland?
Rob 6
Norway or Iceland for Best Northern Lights?
robertlurer 16
Bergen for a day
robyn 2
Sognefjord in a nutshell vs traditional nutshell (Ausland and Naeroy fjords)?
rockyOC 1
Sognefjord ferries
roger 4
Fjord cruises departing from Gudvangen?
roger 3
Norway itinerary dilemma
roger 9
Any driving difficulties in August, for mountain roads that are closed in winter?
roger 5
How early to book car ferry?
roger 3
Are the car ferries reliable?
roger 6
Uber in Norway?
roger 7
Solvorn restaurant options?
roger 1
Norway Itinerary
rolamichelle 6
Job in Norway
Ron 8
What would be the perfect 10 to 14 day trip ?
Ron 6
Norway in a Nutshell, Bergen to Oslo or Oslo to Bergen
ronicollier 15
Driving in Norway
Ron OC 8
Norway advice...
rooney100 7
From Bergen to Lofoten
rooney100 5
Need suggestions on drive from Bergen to Oslo in early August
RoseH 3
Norway in March?
Rosemary 5
Train from Oslo to Bergen
rostykoo 5
Covid requirement coming into Norway
Roxane 5
Local Tour Guides for Oslo and Bergen
rplucinski_75 0
Best 1 week Norway itinerary from Oslo
rs 3
NiN bus question
rs 5
Balestrand for one night while doing NIT tour from Oslo to Bergen
rsbailey70 4
Trollstigen in September
rskmcg 0
Flights from Boston to Oslo - your experience or recommendations
rstevemo 22
Scandanavia Spring Holidays
rteitell 0
Having trouble making reservations on trains using the Eurail app. Any suggestions?...
rtrupin 4
Ferry from Flam to Gudvangen
rtrupin 2
Ideas for day train trips from Oslo in May
rubychai 3
Train Reservations 1
Northern Lights Cruise - Advice Needed Please
Russell 0
Norway In A Nutshell & Baltic Cruise
ruthannh 12
Sanity Check for Upcoming Trip Itinerary to Norway
rvancamp21 3
Norway 10 or 15 Days - Another Country Possibly Added
Ryan 3
Bergen to Flam and back - One Day
Ryan 6
An evening in Voss?
ryan_9721 0
Norway Itinerary help
sachin.p.vyas 2
visitng Geirangerfjord in May
sachin.p.vyas 5
Transportation from Flam train station to airport
sagelf1 2
Bergen Hotel
salexan 7
Using our iPad in Norway
Sally 3
Oslo airport to Bergen 1 way car rental
sallylucywright 1
baggage storage Oslo
sallylucywright 1
trains from airport
sallylucywright 9
Is there a Gardermoen shuttle?
sallylucywright 1