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Need itinerary for W. Norway May 27-June 8, 2024

Please, we need help planning an itinerary in W. Norway. We will be leaving from Oslo on May 27th and fly out of Bergen early morning on June 9th (14 days). We love to hike, bike, kayak and hope to take some ferries in fjords and trains/buses to see beautiful scenery. We can also rent a car if needed. We want to string together an itinerary that makes sense. We like to experience local culture and want to stay away from large cruise ship and super touristy areas. Also willing to pay for someone who knows the area to help us figure out the best routings while we book our own accommodations. We do want to take the Oslo-Bergen rail with the side trip to Flåm.

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This is a forum, not a travel agency where other people do your homework for free.

Best way using this forum:
1. Search for previous entries, e. g. by searching for "fjord itinerary", "trip report norway" or similar.
2. Check for Scandinavia trip reports and reviews.
3. Use VisitNorway and Official Scenic Routes for inspiration; also VisitOslo and VisitBergen.
4. Post your itinerary draft and ask specific questions.


We do want to take the Oslo-Bergen rail with the side trip to Flåm.

Although a beautiful common trip but this will bring you to areas you do not want to travel to ("want to stay away from large cruise ship and super touristy areas.").

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We want to focus mainly on W. Norway. What are your highlights to recommend for a 10 day trip? The Rick Steves itineraries covers all of Scandinavia for longer time periods. And yes, we realize that this isn't a travel agency and we are doing our homework as well as reaching out to folks who have been there to get their opinions. We like to spend at least a few days in each spot. W. Norway is tricky because of the many forms of transportation to get around, including the ferries that run on a schedule. Any advice is much appreciated!

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I would highly suggest getting Rick's Norway guidebook. I have been to Norway three times and couldn't have planned any of my trips without his excellent guidance.

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2015 we stayed in Bergen for 3 nights, took the ferry to Flam for one night so we could take the rigid inflatable boat tour on the Naeroyfjord, 4 nights in Balestrand to hike, rented a car and drove to Solvorn for 3 nights to hike, bike and take the glacier hike on Nigardsbreen, returned car to Balestrand, took the ferry back to Flam, picked up the Flamsbana to Myrdal, transferred to train to Oslo, 3 nights in Oslo. Balestrand no longer has a car rental agency. I don’t know where else you could get one.

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Lodging in the places around Flam with public-transportation connections tends to get booked up many months ahead of time. If you really want to spend one or more nights in that area, you should begin immediately to look for a room. You're traveling early enough that you may find something. It will not get easier if you wait.

You could start exploring on, where the reviews tend to be pretty reliable. You may well save money by booking directly with a hotel, though.

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I really do not know what is so tricky about it. Basically there is just one train option in the west fjords. This is a part you want to do. If you read only a few forum entries you will come to the tip to take a rental car. The best routes and attractions such as waterfalls, fjords, fjells, viewpoints, possible hikes etc. and what are route options from whereever to whereever. It is nearly everything in the links the forum provided to you. Example Hardanger route: all explained and shown in maps.

Ferries as prolongation of public streets are easy going (not in the night), e. g. Vangsnes - Dragsvik. No reservaion needed. Just line up and wait for the next one.

Tourist ferries such as Gudvangen - Kaupanger or Hellesylt - Geiranger need reservations for passengers with car.

Come up with a first own itinerary based on your interests and others will help you. 12 days are plenty of time for that area.

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Nordic Visitor has many different self-driving tours you can look at for inspiration in creating your itinerary, or you can pay them to help you plan your trip. Be warned that Flam is one of those areas you said you want to stay away from.

The Facebook group, Norway - Tips for Travellers is another good place to ask questions and find information.