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Where to start the trip

We have to be in Gothenburg Sweden on July 16th. We want to travel for 7-9 days before arriving there. I have been to Sweden twice so we are thinking of doing Norway and maybe Copenhagen. We are a family of four with a 12 & 14 year old. We could skip Copenhagen and just do Norway. But I assume if we want to do Copenhagen we would fly there first and spend 2-3 days and then fly to Oslo. Looks like flights are around $60 for one way. Any ideas for an itinerary that would include some city time and fjords. The kids are not big hikers but would enjoy zip lining or some adventure type activities. Would you skip Copenhagen this time and just do 6 nights in Norway?
Thank you!

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The Norway in a Nutshell route is a classic. There are variations, but the original route works very well and goes like this:

Train Oslo to Myrdal
Flamsbana train Myrdal to Flam
Naeroyfjord ferry Flam to Gudvangen
Bus Gudvangen to Voss
Train Voss to Bergen

Bergen is a very attractive city worth a couple of days of exploration if not more. The fjords are closer to Bergen than to Oslo, so taking the one-way trip (which requires a full day even with no stopovers) works better than trying to do a same-day round-trip from Oslo and skipping Bergen. I believe you'll find flights available from Bergen to Stockholm. Alternatively, you could probably fly from Copenhagen to Bergen and do the Norway in a Nutshell route in reverse. It's my impression, though, that the N-i-N transportation links may be a bit better traveling in the Oslo-to-Bergen direction.

You can buy Norway in a Nutshell as a package, but it should be somewhat less expensive to buy the components individually. The Norwegian rail website ( will sell you the train tickets. sells tickets for the Flam-Gudvangen ferry and some other activities. As of June, you just paid the driver of the Gudvangen-Voss bus.

In addition to opportunities for scenic walks in the fjord area, there are said to be outdoor activities in the area around Voss. You might consider spending a couple of nights there after verifying that the options would be interesting to your family. I'd certainly assume there's a zip line somewhere in that area, but I don't know for sure.

Lodging in the fjord area is very tight in high season. Voss is not located on a fjord, so it may be easier to find something there than in Flam. If Voss doesn't work, you might consider Gudvangen. This is something to take care of ASAP.

In case you are not aware, Norway is very, very expensive. The Flamsbana and Flam-Gudvangen ferries are expensive on a cost-per-hour basis. I believe the regular train tickets (you'd be covering most of the Oslo-Bergen route that way) would be somewhat cheaper if you were confident enough about your plans to buy the tickets early.

With the time you have available, I'd not try to include Copenhagen this time. I feel like that would lead to too much time sitting on planes, trains, ferries and buses.

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I agree about the Norway in a Nutshell tour. You could fly into Bergen too and start the tour in reverse--ending in Oslo. It makes for a full day, however.

I agree about the cost of travel in Norway. We spent the weekend in Bergen, and loved the place. I can honestly say the young adults of Bergen are tall, blonde and strikingly beautiful. We only spent one day touring Oslo.

The flight Copenhagen/Oslo is very inexpensive on Norwegian Air Shuttle, and it takes about an hour. Sure beats a ferry. Copenhagen is one of our favorite cities.

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We’re looking at a Denmark/Norway trip this coming fall (skipping Sweden this trip), starting Copenhagen. We’ve got 2 weeks, though, and with less than a week for both countries, I’d probably stick with just Norway.

We are figuring on taking an overnight ferry from Denmark to Norway, which saves us from having a hotel cost for one night. We haven’t decided on a ferry to Oslo, or to Stavenger - still in very early planning stages. Enjoy your trip, to Sweden and then beyond!

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Norway with its fjords is one of the most scenic countries in the World. Copenhagen is great for history.
Which to you prefer?

Consider a fjord cruise there are several good cruise lines, we did one from Copenhagen with Royal Caribbean that went to six ports in Norway all the way to the North Cape. Shorter cruises are available.

Geiranger fjord is the best in my opinion, but Flam and Alesund are great.

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I think just b/c of the flights we might fly to Copenhagen-spend 2 days there. Then fly to Bergen-tour Norway for 6 days ending in Oslo.
Oslo to Gothenburg looks like a 2.5 hour drive or a 3.5 train ride so totally doable.

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2 days in Copenhagen and then 6 days for Norway is cutting it a bit short in my opinion, maybe i is better to focus on one country? This plan feels a bit rushed too me. You might be fine with that way of travel, but it would not be my cup of tea.

As for travel from Oslo to Gothenburg, there is no way you can drive from Oslo to Gothenburg in 2.5 hours without driving way above the speed limits.