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I think as a result of this, MSC has also halted European cruising until later this month.
I expect more delays

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Did I miss where the writer of the article mentioned the nationality(ies) of the passengers?

Was the crew tested BEFORE the sailings, or only after the outbreak?

I thought reporters were supposed to include the Who- What- When- Why-Where

I suppose the point of Maggie's posting, is to demonstrate cruise ships are hazardous places, and not just because of icebergs

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This is an expedition ship. I was very surprised as when we sailed with Hurtigruten we were constantly made to use hand sanitizer.

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Hurtigruten is very much a domestic route and not an international one.

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Joe32F---The government or cruise ship company may not have released any personal information on the sick crew members. In some countries, the press coudn't report it anyway.

We have press freedoms in the U.S. rarely seen anywhere else. Sadly, it's being discredited by many who don't want to hear the truth. And in some cases it's being spoiled by one sided media.

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Suki- I absolutely loved my Hurtigruten journey from Bergen north to Kirkenes the summer before last. Hand sanitizer was ubiquitous and crew watched that passengers used it when returning to the ship or prior to entering the dining area but I presume that was for norovirus- at the time my biggest worry (sigh). Although an expedition ship without traditional entertainment and etc, there were large buffets for breakfast and lunch and very crowded exits/entrances whenever the ship stopped. I was one of only a few Americans out of the several hundred passengers- I don't think it's that well known in the US (I hadn't heard of it). The article does list the nationality of the infected crew members.
Ironically as I sort though various Google albums I was just looking at the (gorgeous) Hurtigruten photos and trying to imagine ever going on a boat again. Or plane. Or train...seriously, the very scary thought of the way this virus can spread just makes it feel much too soon for non- essential travel and here is a tragic example.

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I watched a webinar last week about Hurtigruten's new expedition routes up and down the west coast of Norway. It seems to be similar to their traditional routes, but with fewer stops and more time in ports. Looked very enticing, but now . . .